Can Solar Panels Run AC? Is It Safe?

Like everyone else in this world, we guess you are also worried about your skyrocketing bills, right?

Yes, we understand your concern.

There is nothing new about this in today’s world as air conditioners have become more common at residences, offices, schools and other commercial establishments.

Due to global warming, the demand for air-conditioners has increased. It has become a necessity now.

The rise in no. of AC’s is directly proportional to the rise in your electricity bill.

Solar AC

In order to cut down on electricity bills, everyone is planning on installing solar panels to run their AC. But the main question arises is that, Is this achievable? 

Can solar panels run AC?

The answer is YES.

Generally, there are three types of solar systems – off-grid solar systems, on-grid solar systems and hybrid system.

Off-Grid Solar System

As the name suggests, off-grid solar systems mean a system capable of running without grid support. It comprises solar panels, inverters and batteries.

Unlike its counterpart system, they store solar energy in batteries for use, when you are not on the grid or the power grid goes off.

running ac on Off-Grid Solar System

This is the benefit of using the off-grid system.

But we don’t recommend off-grid systems for the average homeowners. Because there are a lot of downsides of this system when compared to the on-grid solar systems.

That doesn’t mean that this system is not good or you can’t use them to run your AC’S. It’s just a suggestion from our side because we got your back.

These systems require a lot of bucks to be installed as they are very complex to install.

As they store energy in the batteries, you can’t expect to run all your loads on it since the cost and volume of batteries might increase your whole budget.

These all points makes your view strong regarding this system. It’s not ideal for home use. We believe that big companies and firms can afford this system and it will benefit them.

On-Grid Solar System

On-Grid Solar System can run ac

The on-grid system comprises solar panels, inverters and appliances but they will not run when there is no electricity.

This is the only drawback compared to the off-grid system.

It is the ideal system to run your AC’S in your homes because this is the most cost-effective to install and are the simplest systems.

The thing that sets it way ahead of the other systems is that this system will pay for itself by offsetting utility bills in 3-8 years.

This system will reduce your AC’s electricity bills while you can enjoy the cool air in your home without worrying about it.

Hybrid System

Hybrid solar system

According to Wikipedia:

Solar hybrid power systems are hybrid power systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with another power generating energy source.

A common type is a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system, combining photovoltaics (PV) and diesel generators, or diesel gen-sets, as PV has hardly any marginal cost and is treated with priority on the grid.

But to explain it in an easy way, it is known as the Smart Grid. Hybrid solar systems are basically, the combination of the on-grid solar system and off-grid solar systems.

We can describe these systems as off-grid solar with utility backup power or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

The hybrid system comprises a charge controller, a battery bank, DC disconnect (additional), battery-based grid-tie inverter, and a power meter.

They can easily run your AC’S way more effectively and efficiently than the other systems.

The hybrid system has its own advantages which separate it from the other form of systems.

1. Less expensive than other solar systems

Hybrid solar systems are less expensive than off-grid solar systems.

You really don’t need a backup generator which reduces its cost. Also, only the best features of both on-grid and off-grid are used, so it’s obvious that its cost will be less than the individuals.

2. The smart grid is the new future

In the coming years, we are going towards the transition of switching to the smart grid. So, we hope you will make a move soon as it is the future.

A lot of interesting innovations have been made and some are under process with introducing this smart grid solar system. It has changed the whole game of solar panels.

There is the introduction of new inverters that helps you store more electricity. The capacity of solar panels to convert solar energy has increased. Also, there are a lot of improvements with the introduction of the smart grid.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you run an air conditioner on solar power?

You can use air conditioners on solar panels without any worry. Both on-grid and off-grid systems can easily run ACs.

How many solar panels does it take to run an air conditioner?

It actually depends on the power demand of your AC. Assuming your AC has a power consumption of 1000 watt you would need about 4 solar panels of 250 watts.

Can solar panels work without the battery?

The short answer is yes. A battery is not essential for the working of solar panels. A battery is useful for people who live in areas where power outages are a problem.


AC’S can run on all of these systems.

We hope everything is crystal clear for you now.

Isn’t it?

Running your AC’S on a solar panel is simple by using one system keeping in mind your requirement.

It will surely drain a lot of your energy when compared to other appliances.

In both cases, your electricity bills problem will be solved and you will move one step closer towards making the world a better place.

We would love to hear from your side, any suggestion or anything we might have missed.


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