Have you switched to solar lights yet?

Are you confused about making this decision?

Or are you looking for some fancy solar lights for your fence?

If you feel that is you, then don’t worry. This article will help you in making the right decision.

Solar lights are pollution-free environment-friendly lights designed to be used anywhere replacing our traditional lights.

There are a lot of solar lights available in today’s world and today we are going to discuss the best solar lights for your fence.

If there is a pathway along the side of your house leading to the backyard or a particularly long driveway, then you can make that path beautiful using these solar lights.

By replacing all the conventional lights you were using before with solar fence lights you will also save a lot on your bills.

Moreover, you will be contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Let’s discuss in detail what solar fence lights really are and which will be best for you.

What Is A Solar Fence Light?

In simple words, these are the fence lights which do not need an external power source to function as these lights are powered by solar energy.

It will automatically reduce your electricity bill which is a serious topic to worry about these days.

After installing it on your fence, you just have to turn on the main switch and it will start working. No other special attention required to start its proper functioning on your part.

It comes with NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) high capacity batteries which can be recharged by the solar energy it gets.

When it gets dark outside, the LED fence lights are turned on automatically.

Also, there are many models available which have a built-in motion detector. That means your solar light will detect if something is moving in front of the lights and it will automatically illuminate the path.

Cool, isn’t it?

Now let’s take a look at different types of solar fence lights you can choose from.

Types Of Solar Fence Lights

In making a decision while buying solar fence lights, you primarily have two options:

  • Basic solar fence lights
  • High quality solar powered fence lights with motion sensors

If you want to give a beautiful and gentle touch to your yard at night without any premium feel, basic solar fence lights are best for you.

These are value-for-money. If you don’t want to spend too much, these are the ones we recommend you to choose from.

There are two options in these basic fence lights, either you install them as post lamps or you can use them as solar path lights if your fence is not that high.

The other type is fence lights with motion detectors. If you have the budget to spend on solar energy, which I guess is not a bad move at all, you should go with these bad boys.

High quality solar powered fence post lights that have motion sensors will light up the pathway as some motion is detected along with it.

Not only that, if some intruder tries to enter your property it will also detect that. What else does someone need? Right?


There are a lot of benefits of solar fence lights that will surely help you make a decision to buy these.

1) Eco-Friendly

As they require solar energy to light up, they are contributing to reducing the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Its components are long-lasting, especially the LED. The NiMH batteries do need a replacement in 2 years but that’s manageable.

2) Save On Electricity Bill

As no external source of energy is required there is no more addition to your bills because of your fence lights.

The premium lights will be a one-time investment but will save a lot more then it’s cost so don’t worry about investing in these.

3) They Can Detect Intruders And Burglars

There are a lot of blind spots which even a CCTV camera can’t reach.

These motion-triggered lights will detect the motion and light up your whole area, discouraging them to even think of entering your premises uninvited.

Even if they do, these lights will provide enough light so that CCTV captures clearer and a detailed video of any intruder who made a fool of himself by entering your property.

4) Very Low Maintenance

High-quality solar fence lights are practically maintenance-free.

The led lights are long-lasting and the NiMH batteries are required to be replaced every 2 years or so.

The only MAINTENANCE is that you have to clean the panels every six months. I guess that is bearable.

5) Easy To Install

You will take a step forward while installing solar fence lights, as these don’t require the traditional way of wiring every single fence light.

You just need to drill holes where you want to install the lights and the job is done.

The only thing to keep in mind is to select the location where a sufficient amount of sunlight falls.

Typically to fully charge the batteries you require 6 hours of direct sunlight. So selecting a location is a task.

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Best Choice


Aootek 120 Led Solar

Premium Choice


Jsot Solar Light

Best in Budget


Baxia Technology

Top 12 Best Solar Lights For Fence

1. Othway Solar Fence Light

The first in this fantastic range of solar fence lights is this Othway solar fence lights. Available in both white and black colours, and is a combo of 2 or 4.

The overall quality and design of this product just amazed us. It has a honey-comb type cut. The build quality is superb and it can handle a good amount of wind, rain and snow.

It comes with day-night sensors that will automatically turn on when it’s dark and turn off when there is light.

The dimensions of the light are 2.52″ by 3.58″, the thickness is about 2.05″. It is small in size which makes its installation more flexible.

It took us less than a minute to install these lights which gives a plus point to it.

A setback with this fence light is that it only lights up for a few hours if it receives poor sunlight. Also if it had a built-in motion sensor, it would have set this fence lights apart from its competitors.

2. Aootek 120 Led Solar

Another high-quality solar fence lights are the Aootek motion sensor fence lights. It covers the drawbacks of the Othway solar fence light but it makes it a little costlier than the prior.

It has a unique wide-angle design in one glance and we think a few of these can cover your whole pathway without any part left uncovered.

The other thing which makes it unique from the other competitors is that it can sense motion up to 26 feet within an angle of 120 degrees.

Its standby time is also incredible. The company claims that its solar panels cover up to 20.5% of the sunlight into electricity energy.

It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it when it’s raining outside. It has a 2200 mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

One thing off about these lights is that the design looks a bit basic, but the rest of it is top-notch in every aspect

3. Greluna Solar Wall Lights

Going through the list of best solar fence lights will bring you close to these unique lights.

The thing that makes it unique is its 2-way modes of lighting experience – warm white and colour changing. You can choose according to the occasion, the one you want to illuminate your outdoor with.

The warm white is for daily use and the colour changing one is to fit your festival decor. We believe it looks beautiful during any occasion.

It is wireless so installation is very easy.

It has a wide range of applications. You can use colour lighting anywhere in outdoor areas that require some light whether your deck, front door, pathway, porch anywhere outside.

Its build quality is great which makes it durable and it is also waterproof. 6 hours of charging gives 8 hours of backup which is not bad.

These are highly recommended solar fence lights from our side.

4. Baxia Technology

These are highly efficient and eco-friendly solar fence lights. These are designed with no dim mode and have increased product work time and life span.

It can detect motion within 3-5m. The motion sensor lights will turn on automatically in the night, which serves for security purpose too.

The plus point while using these lights is that they are ultra-bright because of 28 powerful LED’s. It also has a motion angle of 120 degrees which can provide excellent illumination.

With it’s heatproof and waterproof abilities it is a great solar security light for outdoor areas. You can use it wherever you want.

The only flaw is its looks. It does not give a premium feel in the range of solar fence lights.

5. Neloodony Solar Lights

It is almost a similar product as Baxia solar panel light, both in looks and features.

It is powered with 28 LED’s which provides excellent illumination of up to 400 lumens. These lights also serve both lighting and security purpose.

Features like motion sensors and no dim mode are also included in it. But the maximum distance is just 16 feet which is less when compared to its competitors.

It is made up of a high impact ABS material and IP65 waterproof design which can withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

It eases all worries about heat and water as it is resistant to both. No concern to use complex wires, as it is easy to install.

6. Zookki Solar Lights

Another similar product in this range of Baxia’s and Neloodony’s is this Zookki solar lights for outdoors.

The plus point of this above all is that the company claims that its mini solar panel converts the light that is brighter than the 30 LEDs and more when compared to its competitors.

This solar fence light is highly reliable as it has passed every certification of TUV, CE, RoHS and FSS test.

It is equipped with features like motion-sensing and no dim light mode. The light can withstand rain, snow and other extreme weather because of high impact ABS material.

It has 28 LEDs and 1200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery which gives quite good standby time.

Easy to install product nothing much to worry about, just a little hiccup in the design as it doesn’t give a premium feel.

7. Litmon Solar Lights Outdoo

Brightest of them all, LITOM light comes with 120 LED lights which are 4 times compared to other previous solar fence lights.

Litom provides you with 3 modes that means it has 3 lighting options available which are its plus point or its unique feature.

It provides medium light all night, dim light sensor mode and high light only if motion is detected.

Its design is also unique. The motion solar panel is waterproof, heat resistant and frost resistant.

It can detect motion up to 26 feet within an angle of 120 degrees and comes with a high conversion rate which makes it ideal for buying.

Its drawback is its size as it is bigger in size when compared to its other competitors.

8. Lemontec Solar Lights

One more light with a 3 mode lighting is the Lemontac solar outdoor light.

Strong long light mode, Dim light sensor mode and strong light sensor mode are it’s three modes.

It is not as bright as the item one but is bright enough to enlighten you outdoor as it comes with 62 LED’S.

Another plus point is its standby time of 12 hours with 7 hours of charging as its batteries are 3400 mAh.

It is durable and all-weather resistant.

It will automatically turn on during the night and turn off during sunrise. During motion, it is brighter while during no motion it is dim.

It is way big in the size as compared to the other ones which we found out to be a setback factor.

9. Luposwiten Solar Motion

It consists of a pack of lights which have 28 LED’s and can produce light of 400 lumens which is very bright considering its small size.

It has an IP65 waterproof design which means it can withstand any weather.

The plus point is its lifespan, which is 5000 hours. This is considerably longer than any ordinary motion sensor light.

It can detect motion up to 16 feet which is a drawback because a few other lights on this list can detect motion up to 26 feet.

Luposwiten has made a reliable solar light as it has passed FCC and UL tests.

It has practically zero maintenance cost and it is very easy to install this wireless solar fence light.

Design is basic which works with its pricing. It does not fall in the premium category of fence lights

10. Vivii Solar Light

It is another light with a unique design and with brightness up to 80 lumens. It is a complete product when it comes to solar fence lights.

The plus points we found are that unlike other motion sensor lights which have multiple sensors, and which don’t deliver as promised, it has only one dedicated sensor which is reliable.

It has a wide-angle with a range of 270 degrees which is more than any other motion sensor light. This light can also detect motion up to 26 feet.

The Li-ion batteries present to provide more than 12 hours of illumination after 7 hours of charging.

Another plus point is IP67 design which makes it all-weather resistant.

It is a perfect pro in our point of view in the basic range of solar fence lights.

11. Jsot 12 Pack Solar Light

You can’t escape the Jsot solar fence lights while searching about solar fence lights to buy.

It comes with an upgraded 0.3W solar panel. Because of this, the solar conversion rate is higher than other solar deck lights.

The faster charging and an improved design give it a plus point over the others in this segment.

Battery life is not up to the mark as it comes with 700 mAh rechargeable battery.

It comes with auto on and off functionality during night and day respectively.

These lights have two mounting options available. So you can either screw them onto a surface or just stick it on a flat surface.

The setback of these lights is that the batteries are not waterproof so do not let it stay in humid weather for a long time or in water as it will harm the batteries

12. Denic Mic Solar Deck Lights

Last but not least are these solar fence lights from DenicMic.

It comes with a pack of 16 which can illuminate every corner of your outdoor.

These are more of an elegant decoration lighting. Its design is beautiful.

It is easy to install and comes with auto on/off sensors. It is simple in design, sleek and rainproof.

These lights have a wide range of applications and can be used on deck, step, stair, fence, pool pathway and more.

Although it is a beautiful decorative solar fence light, it has competitors which perform a bit better than this in a lot of departments except for the design.

Yes, its design is a plus point.


Nowadays solar panel technology is booming. Everyone wants to stop their skyrocketing bills and switch to environment-friendly power technology.

What better way than to switch to solar energy. Solar panels are considered as a viable alternative for powering up homes.

These solar fence lights are just a few of the many different outdoor lighting solutions these days that rely on solar energy as their main source of power.


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