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Top 10 Solar Gutter Lights

1. Solar Gutter Lights By DBF


  • These gutter lights are energy saving
  • They are extremely easy to install them
  • With their easy return policies, you can return them anytime


  • They take a while to charge

They are one of the best solar gutter lights with an upgraded design. With their unique design, they resemble a UFO landing on a yard, eaves, walls, or other areas of your house. This is what makes them the perfect decorative light for your place. You can put these lights in your backyard, lawn, swimming pool, walkway, gutter, garage, and patio. Wherever you place them, they will enhance the look of that area.

These lights have the smartest technology. At night, they turn on automatically. Similarly, when they are exposed to sunlight they go out. These lights have a good light intensity, as these solar yard lights consist of 9 bright SMD LED sources. Plus, they have large solar panels with a 1.2V 1500mAh rechargeable battery. Because of this, your deck lighting can work for about 10 hours. You can use them all night after fully charging them for 6-8 hours.

Another benefit of these solar lights is that they are waterproof. With an IP55 waterproof rating, these lights can withstand seasonal changes. Note that, when you want to charge them; keep them in a place with maximum sunlight. In this way, the solar panel will absorb it more efficiently. Also, never install these gutter lights under the street lights that are bright.

You don’t need a wire to install them. To get them installed, it takes any fence and outdoor wall décor. Moreover, these solar lights have a maximum adjustable 55mm lamp clip. This clip ensures speedy installation. And, you get the accessories that are required for wall surface mounting.

If you have an issue regarding its quality, the company gives a 12-month warranty and a full refund.

2. Solar Lights By CREATIVE DESIGN


  • These gutter lights have weather protection
  • These powerful lights are super bright
  • Their 4 lighting modes make them versatile


  • They do not function well in the cloudy regions

If you’re finding a set of the best solar gutter lights that are overly bright, then Creative Design 46 LED solar gutter lights are the ultimate option for you. These lights have an intelligent system with four lighting modes. These modes make them versatile. The exterior of these lights is exceptionally good.

These lights are what everybody wants in their house parties. Solar Lights by Creative design are bright, elegant, and can match any type of place. Their motion sensor works wonderfully within a big range. This feature qualifies these lights as a floodlight.

These are simple to use gutter lights as they have four lighting modes. There is an automatic light up mode at quarter brightness from sunset to dawn, the auto lights are changes to half brightness, the lights can be turned off by motion sensor and full brightness mode, and for full brightness, they have an off button and a motion sensor.

On the front, they contain 34 LEDs and 6 LEDs are present on the side to provide better coverage for the whole area. Their installation is hassle-free. You can install them on a mountain pole because they need a good amount of sunlight to charge. Additionally, you can adjust them if the solar cells are not receiving sufficient light exposure. Interestingly, these lights are heatproof and water-resistant.

3. Solar Gutter Lights by ROSHWEY


  • They come with four easy installation methods  
  • They lighten your home with 7 shades of light
  • These Solar Gutter Lights by ROSHWEY are elegant
  • These lights are durable


  • They do not have a motion sensor
  • They are not very bright

For those who want to cover a wide portion of their garden area, these gutter lights are excellent for them. Although they give a low-light, you can effortlessly see your lawn in darkness. Like the other two types, they are dusk to dawn lights.

The most advantageous feature of these lights is that they have various mounting methods. On a short bracket, you can mount them on a wall. Otherwise, with the long bracket, or a double bracket you can fix them in the pathway of your house. Choose any bracket you want based on the degree of stability level you require. If you want to install them on a fence, gutter, or any other edged surface, there is a clip with the lights.

Considerably, these lights have a long-lasting service life. Due to their IP55 rating, they will illuminate your house in heavy rain and moderate winds. That means, they can be a solution for countless people. The amazing part about these lights is that it has a beautiful seven-color range on the LEDs. These seven shades are red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple, and white. All of these shades are gentle on your eyes.

These lights are cool white with a shade of multicolored lights. They create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your family. Thus, these are the best solar gutter lights you can have.

4. iSunMoon Gutter Solar Lights


  • These gutter lights are eco-friendly
  • They save a great deal of energy
  • Their anti-heat plastic makes them last for a long time


  • They are not waterproof

When you purchase them, you get a Pack of 6 Gutter Lights. These lights are solar-powered and have a 1x AA 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery that is 2.5 inches by 5 inches in diameter. These lights are light in weight. Also, these gutter solar lights have a great average run time for your safety. They can work for almost 6-8 hours continually. However, this duration can change with respect to weather conditions.

These lights look gorgeous on walkways, driveways, lawns, landscaping, parties, and pathways. Once you install them, they will give your house warm and pleasing energy.

The company offers to help you with every order you place. In case the order cannot meet your expectations or you notice a problem after getting the product, you can get a refund immediately. Their friendly service team will give you a satisfactory response. 

5. KUFUNG Solar Lights


  • They are water-resistant
  • The solar panels give an excellent performance
  • You don’t need additional cords to mount them
  • They have 3 efficient working modes


  • You have to be careful with them during daytime

These solar flood lights are built with two 180-degree active joints. Due to this, you can position them to an angle you prefer. After you tighten the screws in these joints, they will be highly stable. In terms of the latest technology, these are undeniably the best solar gutter lights. They function with a high-quality/sensitivity photosensitive device.

This device sense moving substances in the range of 10-25 feet with 120 degrees. Furthermore, you can have these lights to ensure the safety of your house without compromising on aesthetics. These lights react swiftly to save you in darkness. Likewise, they can be a warning to the burglar as they look like solar security motion lights.

On top of that, Polysilicon is used in solar panels. Usually, they have 1.2-1.25 times conversion efficiency than the regular panels in the market. These can do their job on a rainy day as well. With a promising 2200MAH rechargeable lithium battery, it offers a great working time. Normally, to fully charge it, you can keep it under sunshine.

They have 3 Automatic modes. The first one detects motion and turns on the bright light mode for 15 seconds when they detect a movement and turn into dim light automatically. The second mode enables Bright light for 15 seconds automatically when it detects a moving object and changes into OFF mode until it detects the next motion. At maximum 6-hour intervals, the third mode is the “Always ON” mode that gives a bright light output.

They have a Compact joint design that makes them easy to install. They can bear water splashes and heat.

6. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights


  • These Gutter lights are easy to operate
  • They are high-quality lights
  • They are protected against backflow of current, overcharging, and short circuit


  • The brightness of the dim light is below average

These solar gutter lights can automatically turn on/off the light. They are ideal for home, yard, garage, patio, driveway, deck. In short, keep them to any place where they can get direct sunlight. The manufactures have added a built-in motion in these gutter lights. This sensor accurately detects if something comes into its 16-foot range with 90-degree angles. These lights can make you feel secure especially if you live alone.

These LED lights are constructed with high-quality ABS material. This material is brilliant for providing illumination for a vast area. As they are solar-powered, they absorb solar energy and stay on dim light at dusk till it detects a motion within 16 feet 90-degree angles. Afterward, it goes off to bright light. Without using a pin, you can turn on the light by pressing the switch.

On the backside, it has 2 keyholes to mount it without using cords or adapters. Other than that, they have an IP65 waterproof rating which increases their life span. Overall, they are durable lights.

7. Solar Gutter Lights By JSOT


  • They are moderately priced lights
  • These lights are versatile
  • They come with two easy installation methods


  • There is no built-in motion sensor
  • These gutter lights offer only one lighting mode

These lights offer ambiance and security rather than an intense shining light. This what makes them perfect for patios and other places in your house where you need a calm element. Not to mention, they can buy them at a cost-effective value. These lights come in a pack of six lights, so they can lighten up the whole area where you install them.

These are the best solar gutter lights for giving a cozy, ambient setting to your backyard. Each of lights consists of 9 LEDs. Even though these lights provide plenty of brightness, they are not too bright.

Speaking of its design, the style of these lights is trendy. If you want a whiter light, you can remove the covers of the lamp. During the day, the lights charge fully. After that, they can easily last up to 8 hours. Also, you can smoothly mount them to the wall. With the help of the clip, you can adjust them to any wall.

Without using extra wires, you can mount them on the wall. Due to this, they become fence lights and gate lights. Therefore, you can call them multipurpose lights. However, if you are a fan of motion sensors, these lights are not for you.

8. Solar Gutter Light By HONEONE


  • These lights come off automatically 
  • They do not need cables for installation
  • These lights are environment-friendly
  • They are fit for a home with different architectural structures


  • A motion sensor is absent in these lights

These solar-powered gutter lights are great for the outdoors. These lights are an upgraded version. Moreover, these lights are made of Polystyrene, Polypropylene, and alloy. Because these lights are IP65 waterproof, they can tolerate various storms. The lifespan of its battery is about 50000H. To look supremely sophisticated, they have a square design.

The material used in these lights makes them heat-resistant as well. With 40 white LED lights, these lights provide suitable brightness to protect your eyes. They brighten the entrance of your home so that you can get in. These solar lights will make your home even more comfortable for you. 

The installation of these lights is absolutely tool-free. And, the light sensor of these lights enables Auto ON/OFF. Generally, you can install these outdoor solar lights anywhere. For instance, you can put them on a roof, fence, walls, corridors, trees, eaves, and many other places. A drawback of these solar lights is that they have no motion sensor.

Most people find it annoying to operate lights with many cables. On this note, these LED garden lights do not need these cables or adapters. This is the reason why they ensure electrical safety. Keep them near the sun, as these solar panels receive energy throughout the day.

9. FALOVE Solar Gutter Lights


  • These gutter lights are low-maintenance
  • They are made of almost indestructible plastic
  • The solar panel has an improved latest technology


  • You cannot use them for security purpose as there’s no motion sensor

These are white-colored Solar gutter lights. With these lights, you can save a great amount of energy. Hence, it is good for keeping fresh and green. You can Hang it over gutter systems, walls, sheds, fences, and flat surfaces. The makers of these solar lights guarantee simple installation.

What’s more, you can use it conveniently. They have Intelligent technology to identify dusk or dawn. As a consequence, they light up at sunset and turns off at sunrise automatically. When we talk about the dimension, they are average-sized lights with about 3 inches by 5 inches in diameter.

These lights are waterproof, heat-resistant, and weatherproof. To deliver better performance, the solar panel is improved with a longer working time.

Since they are solar lights, their solar panel absorbs sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is stored in their powerful rechargeable battery. Occasionally, you need to clean off the solar cells to make sure that they work perfectly. If you are experiencing severe weather conditions, observe from time to time to ensure that there’s no damage to the system. This is all you need to do for it to have a prolonged lifetime.

10. CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Gutter Lights


  • They offer superb illumination for outdoors
  • The installation method is super convenient 
  • They have efficient solar panels
  • These gutter lights have prolonged working time


  • They have limited installation options

These are the best solar gutter lights for you if you want a lighting solution for your house. They can be attached to the walls, outside areas, near gutters, and deck railings for lighting during nighttime. These are light in weight, so you install them in small and tight spaces. You can put them along the roofline for security, and aesthetics.

When you want visibility at night, they are the most reliable solution. With 450 strong lumens output, they offer illumination to your lawn, barn, pathway, and garage. People who want extra security around night hours or those who want to make their home aesthetically stunning at night.

With the included aluminum mounting pole, you can mount them on the wall. These solar gutter lights give glaring light. Thus, you can avoid any accidents from occurring and navigate around your house in darkness. The solar panel of these gutter lights has a bigger size which decreases the battery charging time under sunshine. As a bonus, it has a built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery. Such batteries have a greater capacity to offer longer usage times.

It has four working modes. You can change the lighting modes easily by reading the guide that is included. You can adjust the brightness from dim light to full brightness. These lights come with an IP65 rating. As mentioned above, due to this rating, they are water Resistance and Heatproof.

Buying Guide for the Best Solar Gutter Lights

How Can You Pick The Perfect Light For Your Home?

In this article, we have made a list of 10 outdoor solar gutter lights that you will certainly like. This doesn’t mean that you must buy all of the products for your place. Depending on the size of the area, you need one or two sets to lighten up your yard. To choose a suitable light for you, you have to narrow down the list by deciding the features that you want.

Why Is The Lumen Count Important?

Your first priority when it comes to purchasing these lights must be the count of their lumen. Basically, you can measure the power of a solar gutter light is by counting its lumen. To be precise, the lumen count shows the illumination or brightness of these solar lights. 

If you expect your light to be highly visible, you want a gutter light that can promise extreme brightness. Most of the gutter lights have a count of 300-400 lumens which gives good light. Nevertheless, if you need a stronger one, it must have a lumen count of approximately 500 lumens.

Which Ones Are the Most Durable?

Of course, the durability of the solar lights is directly related to the material used in the making of the lights. However, the highly durable solar gutter lights are built with IP65 and ABS material. These materials are both heat-resistant and waterproof. This is what makes them the best material to form the structure of these lights.

With this level of toughness, this material can endure extremely high heat and severe rainstorms. Consequently, if you live in a region that has sudden weather changes, you must opt for a durable light to make sure that your gutter lights are not damaged in a short period of time.

What Does It Take To Install These Lights?

The second most significant thing to consider when you are purchasing a gutter light is the installation. Commonly, there is two way of installation i.e., either by using a pole to hang it or by means of a hook. In both of these methods, you can screw these lights on to the gutter. You get to choose between these two options according to your ease. 

We suggest you purchase the ones that include an extended pole. These lights are the best as they illuminate a vast area of your house. In contrast, a hook is only beneficial if are buying it to install it near your door.

Battery Power

Another essential factor that you need to understand is the battery power of these lights. The Lithium-Ion battery is added to the majority of the lights. Still, for us, the Ni-MH batteries a pretty much stronger and longer-lasting. But they are going to cost you more than Lithium-Ion batteries. Yet, for long term use, you will save money. 

Consequently, it is a smarter decision to choose Ni-MH batteries over Lithium-Ion batteries. Having said that, Lithium-Ion batteries are undeniably good if you are looking for low maintenance and budget-friendly batteries.


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