Top 9 Best Solar Generator For Camping – Beginner’s Guide

Sometimes a mobile battery pack just isn’t enough to keep your devices juiced up while you’re out conquering the big, bold world.

What comes to your mind when you think about a bigger source of power?

A generator?

But nobody likes the noise and pollution generated by traditional generators, right?

Luckily there are better alternatives for energy. If you are looking for a more economical and environmental source of energy, we have got you covered.

You guessed it right. The source of energy we are talking about is the solar energy and the generators using that energy are called Solar Generators.

But before we reveal the list of best solar panels to choose from, let us explain what actually a solar generator is?

What Is A Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a box which contains a battery and an inverter, designed in a way so that you can easily charge your appliances. Unlike gas-powered generators, they don’t produce annoying noise and pollution, which is a huge plus point.

Solar generators usually have several power outlets, including your regular wall mount sockets and 12-volt car charger ports.

Some of them even have USB ports including the latest USB 3.0 technology so that you can fast charge your appliances, and it also includes few DC outlets for your use.

The inverter in the solar generator converts the electricity to AC for your appliances. Most solar generators come with an LCD display that shows the amount of charge remaining and the power being sent out to appliances, which helps you keep track of the energy being spent and energy still available for use.

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Some companies also provide flashlights within the solar generator pack. These flashlights can come in handy in emergency situations.

The best part about solar generators is that they are an environment-friendly source of emergency electric supply. Also, they are an ideal energy source option for your week-long camping, picnic, fishing etc.

Basically you can take them anywhere and enjoy guilt-free renewable energy available for your use.

Now, let’s move ahead to the list of Best Solar Generators for Camping.

We have picked these items for camping purposes as these are easily transportable and easy to use. So, go through the list and choose one to buy depending on which one best suits your needs.

Best Choice


Jackery Power Station

Premium Choice


Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Station

Best in Budget


ROCKPALS Portable Generator

Best Solar Generators For Camping

1. Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackrey power station is perfect for your outdoor adventures. The Jackrey Portable Power Station has a 240Wh lithium-ion battery.

This is a Chinese company but they have a pretty well-established name. It comes with a 2-year warranty which is a lot better than other Chinese manufacturers. It also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter built-in, which is quite cool.

It also comes with several different cords. A charging cable that you can plug into the cigarette lighter adapter of your vehicle and switch on the Jackery Power Station to power it.

Then, obviously you have a wall adapter that allows you to plug it into the walls of your home to charge the battery.

The surprising part is that it’s very small. What we mean is that it’s a lot smaller than it looks on the screen and it’s very lightweight and portable, which is a great plus point considering camping purposes. It weighs only 6.6 pounds.

On both its left and right side, it has cooling vents to keep the battery cool while it charges and discharges.

Since it is a pure sine wave inverter device, it is capable of powering your sensitive electronics. So you don’t have to worry about what you’re powering them with, as it will be safe to use.

On the front, it has an LED screen that’s going to tell you the input and the output of the device currently, as well as the state of the charge of the battery.

It has a 12 volts button that has to be pushed in order to enable the 12-volt output of the device. To the right of that button, you will see the 12-volt cigarette lighter port, which you can use to power any kind of car charger, just like you would do if you were charging from your car.

Below that 12 Volt port is the AC output, where you would plug anything that has a normal wall outlet plug on it and you have to hit the button on the left of the port to enable the function.

In the middle of the front side, you will find 2 USB ports with 2.4 amp output that will allow you to fast charge any of your small portable devices. Left to that is a 12 Volt input for charging up the device.

This can be charged with the chargers that came with the device, or there is an optional 50-watt solar panel by Jackery that you can plug in to charge up the device.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400

Yeti 400 has a lead-acid battery and is pretty heavy. This thing weighs about 33 pounds. Yeti does offer a Yeti 400 in a lithium battery which is much lighter. Its almost half the weight of this one but we don’t recommend that because of the charging capabilities of the former vs the latter.

We’ll explain that to you in a bit. First, let’s talk about what can you charge on the Yeti 400.

We have three 12 volt ports and two of these ports are Goal Zero proprietary ports, so you can only plug in the lights that they have, but then there is a standard cigarette lighter that is a 12 volt.

In the centre, it has 2 USB ports, which is perfect because you are going to be using those almost all the time for your devices.

Then on the right side, you have two 110 volt AC ports just like a household outlet, and these work really great.

On top of all the charging ports, there are buttons that you need to press to allow power to go to the 12 Volt system or the USB system.

The case that it comes in is really durable, the handle is also very sturdy and on each side, it has fans that are actually very quiet.

In front of the unit, there is a nice LCD display which is backlit. It will tell you how much battery is left and how many watts you have got coming in or going out.

You can also press and hold the button on the side to see more information. It will tell you more about how many amps you are using and the total volts of the battery.

Also on both sides of the case, it has the ability to plugin more batteries, so you can chain up multiple batteries to get a lot more power, which is a really nice feature.

Now let’s talk about the three ways you can charge this.

Firstly, You can obviously charge it by plugging it into the wall charger.

Secondly, you can charge it with your vehicle’s 12-volt charger, but you cannot do this with the lithium-ion battery variant.

And the third way to charge it is the Boulder 50 solar panel that comes with the Yeti 400, which is such a nice capability.

3. FlashFish 60000mAh Power Supply Station

FlashFish Power supply station is a 100-watt portable generator that has an LCD screen which shows the DC and AC output and the amount of power remaining.

It has 3 USB output ports on the front, and on the back. It has a power button for the AC output and two AC ports which are the regular wall adapters.

It also has one DC input to charge up the power bank. You can use the regular car adapter to charge it with the 12-volt cigarette lighter port. It will fully charge it in 6 hours

and also comes with a flexible handle for carrying the generator.

The fact that it comes with 3 USB charging ports is really great. You can use it to charge your mobile phone, laptop or even a USB light.

The AC output ports can power up a small TV or vacuum cleaner easily. You can also power small drills with this one.

There are a couple of ways to charge it. You can plug it into the 12 volts charging port of your car, a wall mount or you can charge it with a solar panel using the MC4 adapter.

4. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator

If you are going on a camping trip, this one can be really useful. This weighs about 7.5 pounds, which is very light and portable.

It has 2 ways to charge it up, there is one AC wall output port. And the other way to charge it is with your car, using the 12-volt charging adapter that comes with this generator. You can also use this port to charge it with a solar panel using the MC4 connector.

It comes with a couple of cables. The car charger it comes with takes 6-7 hours to fully charge it up, and then an MC4 cable also comes with it that you can use to charge it using a solar panel.

If you have a 100-watt solar panel, it takes around 6-7 hours to fully charge. It also has 12 volt AC power cord with it for charging it through a regular wall outlet and a 12-volt power cable for your other appliances.

On the front, it has a 12-volt cigarette lighter port. On the right to it, it has three 12 volt output ports for the cables that come with it, and on the right to it, it has 4 USB ports for charging your USB devices. Two of these ports are USB 3.0 for fast charging, and the next one to the extreme right is a 110 volt AC power outlet.

On top of the front side, it has 2 emergency lights which are very bright. This is a nifty feature present with this generator.

It also has an LCD display which shows the battery percentage and the amount of energy being output.

5. PRYMAX Portable Power Station

This is one of the best portable generators available in the market. The first thing you will notice about it is how compact it is and how easy it is to carry, considering how much power it generates.

It has a 12-volt cigarette lighter port, two regular 110-volt plugs, 2 USB ports and even 1 USB C-Type port.

It has 12/24 volt out-ports for car accessories or lights. It has a power button and an AC button which you can press to power up two AC outlets on it.

It also comes with an LCD display that shows the battery percentage and you can also see how much power your appliances are drawing.

On the left side, there is a vent for air to come out and cool it down while you are still using it, which is a great feature.

On the backside, it has an LED light which is really bright. It also works as an SOS light. The thought behind this is that if you are on a camping trip or you are in a situation out in the woods and you need help, this might be all you have for power so it can be very helpful.

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6. PAXCESS Portable Generator

PAXESS portable generator has got everything you might need to set this on the picnic table or possibly in the tent.

It comes with a lot of features.

One of the best features that we love is the wireless charging on the top, so you can just put your phone on top of it and use other outlets to power other appliances.

It also has a flashlight on the front that you could also use for SOS.

You can use this generator while charging but you cannot turn on the AC output while it is plugged in, but it will work for DC.

It has two DC 12 volt output ports and one 12 volt cigarette lighter port. It also has three USB 3.0 amp outlets present on the front with one Type-C USB port.

This generator also comes with one AC outlet which is the regular wall outlet and has an LCD display on the front which shows the battery percentage and output.

The wireless charging feature that comes with this generator is really a unique one.

The build quality is also very rugged and it has a solid handle to carry it around. This one can also be charged by solar panels using an MC4 connector

7. SUAOKI Portable Power Station

SUAOKI portable power station comes with the solar charging capability and it is a lithium-ion battery-powered unit.

It comes with a lot of accessories, so if you are on the road, you can charge this even using your car charger outlet.

Solar cord connector is included within the package but you will have to buy the solar panel separately.

It has two AC output ports with the power switch on the top, 4 USB ports on one side, one of which is 3.0 for fast charging. And on the other side, it has 4 DC output ports where you can plug in the extra cigarette lighter port in case you need it.

The power button to turn on the generator is on the top. On the backside, it has 2 flashlights which are very bright and can also be used for SOS in case of emergency.

It comes with small handles which makes it really easy to carry the generator. The unique thing about this generator is that has a built-in overload protection which makes it safe for use and increases its life.

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8. AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power

Atom 540 Watt Portable Power station provides you reliability with its lithium-ion battery. It is a great choice for camping, backpacking, hiking or fishing.

You’ll have peace of mind that your Laptops, Drones, Mini Fridges will never run out of power while you enjoy your outdoor adventure with a fill 540 Wh capacity travel-friendly power station.

It features a well-constructed rugged compact casing which weighs only 11 pound which is 20% lighter than other units of the same size.

It can power up to 9 devices at the same time including two AC outputs at 500 watts. It has a USB Type-C port for charging your mobile devices.

It also has one USB 3.0 with quick charge, two USB ports that support 12 volts per port, one 12 volt cigarette lighter port that supports 96 watts and two 12 volts DC output that supports 48 watts per port.

This generator can easily be charged with 60 watts or the 100 watts solar panel, which are sold separately.

You can also charge this from an AC wall outlet, or you can use the 12 volts cigarette lighter port in your vehicle.

And for extra convenience, it can also be used while being charged.

It also has advanced BMS, which safeguards your battery and devices for full protection against short circuit, overload, overheating and overcharging.

The pure sinewave output of this generator provides clean, safe power for sensitive electronics. It has MPPT controller builtin for high-efficiency solar charging.

It also comes with three-level adjustable LED lights and an LCD screen that allows you to check real-time power consumption and the battery capacity with remaining runtime

9. Renogy Phoenix

Renogy Phoenix portable generator is an all-inclusive solar panel and the battery-powered unit. You just need to flip it open and you have got 20-watt solar panels to charge up the integrated battery.

It has all types of ports, including the usual 12-volt cigarette lighter port, an AC wall outlet port, 4 USB ports for charging up your mobile devices and laptops.

It has also got a little flashlight for those emergency roadside situations.

There is an easy on and off switch and the LCD screen which tells you how much charge is left on your unit.

You can easily switch between AC or DC according to your need for appropriate kind of appliances that you want to charge like for a laptop.

This unit is a little heavy as it weighs around 18 pounds. This probably makes it not a good option for backpacking, but it’s great for car camping or tent camping. You can also charge this unit with your car’s charging port or a wall moun


A solar generator for camping, backpacking, fishing, hiking or for any other use you deem fit is the cleanest, economical and efficient mode of renewable energy source available.

The huge problem with other generators online is the amount of noise that they produce but the solar generators provide a quiet solution to this problem.

Also, they come with various features including charging cables, USB ports, fans, AC and DC outlets, solar panels, emergency lights etc. All these features make them a reliable and portable energy source for your energy needs.

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