Introducing an electric wall is a useful technique for keeping your livestock inside your property. They’re likewise a viable security arrangement, avoiding any possible intruders. The solitary unrealistic factor to electrified barrier chargers is when power isn’t promptly free.

For example, it’s unfeasible to introduce one if your property area doesn’t have available AC electrical plugs for charging. It likewise will not serve its proposed security work in instances of blackouts.

An option is a solar-controlled fence charger that guarantees your fence never runs out of force. In this article, we walk you through what you need to realize when purchasing solar fence chargers. We’ll likewise toss in our pick for the eight best solar fence chargers presently out on the lookout.

Best Choice


Parmak MAG12-SP Solar Electric Fence Charger

Premium Choice


Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Best in Budget


Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS Solar Fence Charger

Top 8 Solar Fence Chargers

1. Parmak MAG12-SP Solar Electric Fence Charger


  • The fence charger has an extensive range of 30 miles, suitable for large and medium pastures.
  • Highest energy output.
  • The model is energy efficient and saves electricity.
  • It comes with a built-in performance meter.


  • The model is expensive.

The first solar fence charger on our list is from Pramak, the magnum solar 12. This model is one of the best solar fence chargers because of its extensive range. The feature we liked the most is that it can power up to 30 miles of fencing, so if you are looking for a charger to secure large pastures, this model is a perfect choice.

Another remarkable feature of this model is that it delivers 3 joules of power which is the highest energy output on our list. It is designed in such a way it utilizes the sun’s energy in the daytime for fence charging, and then overnight, it switches to the use of energy stored in the rechargeable batteries.

It comes with an indicator that has different lights like green light depicts that the charger has good voltage, yellow light depicts that your battery level is low and needs to be recharge, and a red light depicts the charger has no voltage on the fence.

Key Features:

  • Built with sturdy material.
  • Durable
  • Water and rustproof
  • It has a 3 year warranty period.

Overall, this model from Paramak is an excellent option if you are looking for a fence charger for large pastures. However, it’s on the expensive side. 

2. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Electric Fence Charger


  • It is completely waterproof and lightweight.
  • Compact design
  • Extensive range of 1.6 joules.
  • The batteries are impressive and can last upto 21 days without sun exposure.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not suitable for large graze lands.

Another fence charger on our list is also a Parmak model. This basic solar fence charge also has many remarkable features. The model is small in size but has an extensive range of 25 miles. This model from Parmak is suitable for those large land and small field fences which require multiple wirings.

This fence charger voltage reaches upto 9000. It delivers 1.6 joules of power which is ideal for fencing the land from small and mid-sized animals along with the predators.

The best part about this model is that its solar panels are designed from the state of the art technology, which delivers results in over 42%. Another feature that fascinated us is that its battery can last upto 21 days without sun exposure, which is a huge plus point about this model.

Key features:

  • Suitable for small to medium grazing lands.
  • UL and CAS are listed.

According to us, Parmak deluxe is an excellent option for you if you have small to medium-sized graze land. It’s affordable and has amazing battery life.

3. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Electric Fence Charger


  • It delivers a 10-mile extensive range along with the 0.15 joules power energy.
  • The unit has an indicator light system to monitor the performance.
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for the animals with long hides.

The ESP10M-Z is one the best solar fence charges on our list and is from the Zareba brand. The model from Zareba has an extensive range of 10 miles. If you are using this fence charger on poly-wire fences, then the range drops to 5 miles and 2.5 only on the light-weeds present.

It delivers 0.15 joules of energy and is suitable for mid-sized pastured lands. The product also comes with an indicator light system like it has “Fence OK” Written on the unit, which depicts that the unit is providing proper charging. A flashlight depicts that the fence charger is running perfectly.

The ESP10M-Z has an amazing feature of built-in monitoring, which we super like. This feature allows you to set up on top of T-posts, round-wood effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Mounting holes included.
  • 1 year warranty period.
  • Suitable for shorthaired animals.

All in all, we like the product from the Zareba brand as it is a good choice for short-ranged pastured fields. It comes with a low-powered charger which you can hang anywhere. 

4. Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger


  • It delivers 0.29 joules making it suitable for Mid-sized lands.
  • It comes with adjustable power settings.
  • It has a waterproof and rugged design.
  • The battery can be extended effortlessly for 3 weeks.


  • Expensive product.

The other fence charger on our list is from Gallagher, which is a New Zealand brand. The model from Gallagher has maximum impulse energy of 0.29 joules. This fence charger is suitable to handle small-sized to mid-sized animals such as pigs, cattle, horses, etc.

If we are talking about the power, then this S40 comes with adjustable power settings which is an incredible plus point of this fence charger. You can choose the pulse rates according to your animal’s movement.

The fence charger delivers 25 miles range, meaning approximately 30-80 acres of grassland. We also liked the design of this fence charger. It has an orange and black color with an amazing look. It has some great features as it comes with built-in lightning protection, long battery life that can create power fences for up to 3 weeks without coming in contact with the sun.

Key features:

  • Two operational modes
  • Lighting protection
  • Batteries are working performance up to 3 weeks without sun.

Overall, we recommend Gallagher S40 because it’s a premium option for small to medium-sized graze lands. The only point which makes us think is the price perspective; the rest has remarkable features.

5. Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS Solar Fence Charger


  • Value for money.
  • It delivers 0.04 joules energy output.
  • It is compatible with all types of fencing.
  • The fence charger is suitable for a 2-mile range.


  • Low energy output making it not suitable for large pastures.

If you are looking for the best solar fence charger that provides you with great performance and is affordable, then Fi-shock is a perfect choice. This model delivers an energy output of 0.04 joules which is powerful for small animals. If you have animals like rabbits, dogs, poultry and want to guard them off, this fence charger is suitable for you.

According to the range, this model gives you a range of 2 miles. It might not be suitable for the long fences but is suitable for small fence areas. The ESP2M-FS is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all types of fencing like steel, poly wires, poly rope, aluminum, and many more.

Key features:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightning strike cover included.
  • Suitable to ward off dogs, poultry, rabbits.

In short, if you have a small poultry area that you want to ward off, then this fence charger from the Fi-shock brand is perfect for you. One plus point as it is the most affordable one on the list.

6. Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger


  • The fence charger is waterproof, portable, and rugged.
  • It provides flexible installation with a 360-degree feature.
  • The energy output of 3 joules is suitable for gardens with temporary grazing.


  • Compared to low energy and low range, the price is high.
  • It is not suitable for mid-sized or large pastures.

The Gallagher S10 has the same design features as the S40 and has the same orange and black color with a rugged look. The major difference between S10 and S40 is the power and range. The S10 delivers you the lower output of 0.3 joules. If we talk about the range, then it provides only 3 miles which are shorter than the S40.

The energy which this fence charger delivers is suitable to ward off the gardens containing pets, and it’s for temporary grazing.

The installation feature of S10 is amazing as it comes with the 360-degree mounting capability, which allows you to mount this fence charge anywhere. It is a remarkable feature as you place it anywhere to absorb more solar energy.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree mounting capability.
  • Suitable for small gardens with pets.
  • 3 year warranty period.

Overall, we like the installation and design of the Gallagher S10, and it is an ideal choice if the budget is not a problem and you require a high-end charger for your small garden.

7. EFL Solar Fence Charger


  • It delivers powerful energy output of 2 joules
  • It comes with remarkable safety features like a lightning diverter, light indicator, pulse delivered.
  • It is lightweight, easy to port.


  • 12-volt batteries are not included in the package.
  • The price is quite relatively high.

We added EFL solar fence charger to our list because of its low impedance solar fence charger that can work with any 12V battery.

The solar fence charger delivers 2 joules energy output which is ideal output for medium to large pastures. It is strongly designed to give shock through grass and weeds, and it doesn’t matter if your fence is of steel or wire.

If you are concerned about the safety parameters with this product, then don’t worry. The Silver streak solar fence charger delivers energy in a pulse-type fashion and ensures that shock levels are safe. It also comes with a lightning diverter which gives extra protection to the fence, especially if you live in an area of strong Thunderstorms.

The model of Silver streak also comes with an indicator light system that depicts whether the charger is fully functional or not. The light flashes synchronize with the fence pulse to indicate that the charger has good functionality. This model provides you with 25 miles of range.

Key features:

  • It is suitable for medium and large-sized pastures.
  • Lightning protection included.
  • 2 year warranty period

All in all, we like to recommend this model from Silver streak to those who want a powerful solar fence charger and suitable for protecting medium and large grazing lands.

8. Patriot SolarGuard 50 Solar Fence Charger


  • The fence charger is compact, lightweight, and portable effortlessly.
  • The batteries can last 14 days without coming in contact with the sun.
  • Easy to mount and install.


  • Grounding rods and T-posts are not included.
  • Not suitable for large grazing lands.

The last but not the least best solar fence charger on our list is the Patriot SolarGuard. Patriot is the brand that produces the farm infrastructure products like fencing tools, fence chargers, fence systems, and many more. The Patriot SolarGuard 50 is the small fence charger from this brand.

This fence charger covers the 1 km range and delivers 0.05 joules of energy output. This model is designed purposefully for the residential yards, small farms, and gardens. If you have a small garden with pets on a small property, then this fence charger from the Patriot is the ideal option to protect them off.

As the fence charger is small, it is easily portable, and the body of the charger has the additional handle to carry it effortlessly. The best part is that the battery is included inside the charger, so you don’t have to move the batteries as well.

The feature which caught our attention is its fantastic battery management system. This feature of the charger maximizes the battery life, allowing it to work for additional 14 days without sunlight.

It comes with an indicator light to tell you about the fence charger’s performance. When it flashes with the red light, it indicates that the fence charger is working well and powering up the fence.

The best part is that it doesn’t require any installation techniques. You just need to slide it onto a steel post.

Key features:

  • Extendable batteries
  • It comes with an indicator light
  • Suitable for residential yards having pets.

Overall, we recommend this Patriot SolarGuard 50 fence charger as it is compact, easy to install, and suitable for residential yards, small gardens having pets.

Things To Consider When Buying A Solar Fence Charger

There are different solar fence charge highlights. However, here are the best four most significant highlights to keep an eye out for.

  • Least Voltage Requirement

The principal thing to consider when purchasing a solar fence charger is to build up the base voltage you require. This worth will descend to your fundamental reason for introducing your fence in any case. A low voltage of around 1,000 to 2,000 is sufficient to keep off squirrels, raccoons, and other annoying creatures. To keep cows and ponies secure, 2,000 to 3,000V is required.

Since they are more enthusiastic about keeping inside the fence, goats require a higher voltage between 4,000 to 5,000. To stop bears and likewise huge creatures, at any rate, 7,000 volts is required.

  • Reach Capacity

Solar fence chargers are intended to turn out just for a particular reach. Consequently, it would help if you were acquainted with the length of the wires on your fence. Realizing this worth will guarantee you select a charger that matches the reach limit needed for your fence.

Recollect that picking a lower range limit than what you require could imply that your fence charge would perform deficiently over the long haul. It additionally means that you get low execution across the fence.

The overall equation for deciding your solar fence charger’s reach limit has appeared beneath.

Reach rating= Fence Length x Number of Wires x 2.

  • Joule Rating

In case you’re inexperienced with joules, it’s a unit of energy addressing watts x seconds. In solar fence charging innovation, joules are utilized to demonstrate the electric stun strength a creature gets. Remember that the higher the joule yield, the more grounded the electric stun it gives out.

It likewise pays to watch that the item you buy passes the UL-69 or IEC 60335-2-76 guidelines. These accreditations guarantee that the item satisfies the least security guidelines for electric drive emanations.

  • Think about your space’s weed issues

How congested is the land around your electrified barrier? Try not to stress; we’re not condemning how you keep up your territory. You might be astounded to discover that the weed conditions around the fence can really affect the proficiency of your electrified barrier and solar fence charger.

Thick weeds that develop adequately tall to arrive at the wires on your fence make issues by affecting the productivity of the electric flow. A ton of weed and brush inclining toward the wire prompts a deficiency of voltage and pushes the energy to different pieces of the fence line.

It’s a smart thought to support grass development along the fence and keep up the spaces however much as could reasonably be expected. Permitting grass to develop thick and higher than expected, similar to three to four inches, is a great method to swarm out weeds and forestall the channel on your electrified barrier.


How long do solar fence chargers last?

Ans: Solar fence chargers ordinarily last 2-3 weeks with nothing or low degrees of daylight. If they get adequate sunlight consistently, they can run totally on solar force without any mains power. Concerning strength, a decent fence charger can undoubtedly last 3-4 years with some basic support.

Do solar fence chargers work?

Ans: Indeed, solar fence chargers unquestionably take care of the job! They are an incorporated unit that you can set anyplace since they require no wiring. On the off chance that you set it up appropriately to get great daylight with no deterrents, at that point, these units support themselves and continue to run for seemingly forever. They’re considerably more affordable and eco-accommodating than their wired options too.

What number of joules should a fence charger have?

Ans: Ordinarily, a fence charger should 1 joule for each mile of fence. This guarantees that there is sufficient energy and flow to stun any creatures or interlopers that touch it. Among low-impedance solar fence chargers, the necessity is significantly less as these are more viable in leading current much under thick vegetation.


Fence chargers are security necessities for ranch proprietors who have animals to ensure and keep inside their property. While conventional electrified fence chargers are can be costly to keep up, solar fence chargers are cost-proficient and commonsense other options.

Our top pick for the best solar fence charger is the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger. It has the perfect reach and energy to control up little to medium-sized fields and keep fair-sized creatures under control. It’s likewise loaded with different highlights and is adequately sturdy to guarantee a long life expectancy. The best part is that the cost is mid-range, making it by and large moderate. It’s a simple illustration of an item that joins moderateness and noteworthy usefulness.

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