5 Best Solar Tubes to illuminate your space

Solar tubes are called light tubes, such as a wide solar tube, but others are often called tubular skylights, sunlight pipes, sun tunnels, and sunscreens. The machine is called Tubular Day Lighting Devices (TDDs) and they are high-performance systems that deliver natural sunlight to interior spaces without rising energy bills using proprietary optical technology.

This system will illuminate an area of about 150 square feet and provide approximately 300 watts of light. Any of these other versions that can illuminate up to a surface area of 300 square feet are also available. They’re a perfect alternative to conventional illumination, and they will brighten your home free of charge.

Skylights vs. solar tubes

Solar tubes are illumination tubes, also called sunlight tunnels. These tubular models of skylights are made of polycarbonate or plastic, one of which is mounted on the roof. It operates by absorbing the sunlight, which is then mirrored down on a versatile or solid metal sheet tube until it shines through the diffused lens at the ceiling of your room. On the other side, the skylight is a polycarbonate, plastic, or glass series of windows mounted on the roof of the building. It’s a structure, and it’s attached to your roof. It is available in a different size in square or even a wide rectangular framed portion.

While skylights can supply up to three times more direct sunlight than standard windows, solar tubes are better at catching and diffusing light. It is also said that selecting a solar tube over the other one is more convenient because it does not demand reframing and dry walling, as well as drilling and cleaning.

Yet another benefit of this device over the skylight is that it does not take days to be assembled, but rather estimated two-hour duration. And less time needed for construction, it will create less mess and damage. As far as its cost is concerned, the solar tube is more efficient while supplying less energy to the sun.

Types of solar tubes

There are 2 kinds of such solar light tubes which are flexible and rigid, both of which have benefits and drawbacks that will help you decide which one to choose.

  • Rigid Solar Tube:

This is the best of two, which give you greater light transmutation than the available alternative. They allow direct motion of sunlight to be channeled down from your rooftop to the ceiling. In order to receive more natural sunshine, the light can bounce less from the inside of your solid solar tube. With the support of these rigid solar tubing, 20 m of effective light can be transmitted.

  • Flexible Solar Tubes:

There are budget-friendly ways to light up space with the aid of sunshine. The lightweight solar tube helps you to maneuver around the barrier in the roof area. Any lightweight solar light tubes can be mounted at a height of 6m. Thanks to the construction of these solar light tubes, the lights reflect less and allow more current access. These tubes are also available in various sizes depending on the style of the roof. You need to remember where you need to mount your solar cable. Until installation, you must analyze the area of your roof space whether or not it is usable for a straight sprint.

When deciding between the models of your solar tube, you need to look at various aspects, such as the slope of your top. On the other hand, when selecting a model, you can also review the material on your roof, since some of them are practical with wood shingles; some of them are asphalt shingles.

Working of a solar tube

Solar tubes or tubular skylights operate by adding in-ceiling and roofing tubular columns to infiltrate daylight pipes into interior spaces. It can be built without requiring any modification or harm to the construction of your house, so it does not require dry walling, painting, and reframing. It would only take two to four hours to build, a simple, convenient, and clean process. With a rooftop dome, it absorbs light and diffuses through the interior through its translucent tube, offering direct daylight throughout the year.

The Tubular Day lighting Systems are designed to optimize daylight illumination. Low-angle sunrays in the late afternoon and dawn, as well as in the winter season, are captured by a light-tracking reflector. On the opposite, it catches high-angle sunshine in the middle of the day.

Although it redirects low-angle illumination, it also improves light intake and provides an unparalleled output over the year. Its sunshine-capturing dome prism, dubbed Ray bender Technology, redirects low-angle sunbeams, rejects overpowering illumination at noon and diffuses consistent daylight all day long. The absorbed sunlight would then be conveyed into a tube that delivers natural sunlight to every portion of the structure, whether in the house or the office.

This skylight option for sunlight harnessing to the true inner portion of the building structure offers artificial light even in the absence of the sun. With the sun’s rays flowing from the roof through its pipe tube, natural light is then harnessed into the tube by a continuous mirror, which is a metal.

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VELUX Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight

Best Top Five Solar Tubes To Check Out

If you would like to look forward to the benefits of solar tubes, you might want to check out the list of lighting tubes given below. They offer plenty of advantages without costing much and save you money in the longer run. It is important for you to compare your options well and choose the right solar light tubes that work for you and suit your needs.

1. VELUX Low-Profile Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight

VELUX Sun Double Strength Acrylic Rigid Low-Profile Tunnel tubular Skylights are built to supply natural light to any area in your home by collecting light from a strong impact dome on the roof and sending it through a highly reflective tube, distributing pure natural light without any change in color. The lightweight flickering gives the roofline an integrated appearance. It has a 99.99 percent silver reflective coating with a 20-year tunnel warranty as well as a cumulative reflectance of +98 percent and a high-efficiency Energy Star mark.

The VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight is simple to mount and takes typically less than 2 hours of time regardless of your roof type. Built for use on Shingle/Shake roofs with a pitch of 15 to 60 degrees along with a flexible pitch converter, this makes tunnel installation smoother and allows more light to be collected. It has a tunnel linking system that eliminates network construction time in half and highly reflective tunnels that provide the best quality lighting to the room below. Effect models are also available for hurricane-prone regions.

2. Natural Light Tubular Skylight Kit

Natural Light Energy Systems is a respected brand name mainly because of its high quality and long-lasting products that have survived for several years. One of the best retailers of solar tube lighting is its  10-inch tubular skylight.  There’s no question about why, as it is filled with excellent features that users enjoy. It lets you add clear, natural light to your home with one of Natural Light’s high-quality tubular skylights. At the price of a nice light fixture, the Natural Light Tubular Skylights completely change any of your dark rooms by flooding them with soft, uniformly spaced natural light.

Natural Light Tubular Skylights do not lead to heat loss or gain, as compared to conventional framed skylights or electrical lighting which can add up to 40 percent of heat gain in the environment. Our residential models are available in a range of models. Depending on the manufacturer, tubular skylights will illuminate up to 300-1,450 watts of incandescent illumination.

13″ 13 Flat Aluminum White Diffuser Model with Flat Roof Flashing are designed for Asphalt Type Roofer and not designed for Metal roof applications. The pitched roof and curb mount models available and are sold separately. They are ENERGY STAR Qualified and May Qualify for Tax Credits. Natural Light uses the highest quality materials like High-Impact Acrylic Dome in the manufacturing process. The entire unit was designed around performance, ease of installation, and being able to withstand the weathering effects of any environment like hurricanes. It provides a warranty of up to 25 years; the best to be offered in the industry.

3. ODL Tubular Skylight

The ODL Tubular Skylight Kit provides a simple way to optimize the available light by adding clear, natural sunlight to the space or area of your choosing. Measuring 14, 14, and 48 inches, in length width, and height respectively; it can be used only on asphalt roofs. Aside from its length, the tubing is also flexible and it also comes with adjustable elbows. Thus, the ODL Tubular Skylight Kit can Illuminate a room of up to 300 sq. ft. in size. This product is also Energy Star qualified.

Made up of a Strong, UV protected acrylic dome, it features patented optics. This Sturdy single piece of polyethylene flashing, combined with almost 48 inches of an extremely reflective tube, carries the light from the dome down to your space. Because of its design, the ODL Tubular Skylight Kit is also easy to install. It also has no wires nor does it require electricity as it gets its energy from the sun and is easy to maintain. It is reliable and efficient in providing you with an optimal performance.

4. Velux Sun Tunnel

The Velux TMR 014 0000 Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights with Pitched Blinking and Solid Tunnel are designed to make that your residential area can be made brighter with energy-efficient and natural light. The Velux skylights are better mounted in rooms with flat ceilings like the bathrooms, wardrobes, and hallways. It can light a room of up to 325 sq. ft. in size and is ideal for larger spaces.

The one-piece pitched metal flashing is easy to install and provides optimal angles for gathering daylight on all roof exposures. 48 inches of tunnel length with the kit of two elbows and one 24 inch extension is designed to be installed on a shingle and other low profile roofing materials with the ability of the bends to be angled between 14° and 60°.

The Velux TMR 014 0000 skylight features a highly reflective rigid tunnel that provides brighter, whiter light output in any application and is ideal for installations that require longer tunnel lengths. It has flexible tubing that can be installed easily around attic obstructions. The Velux Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight also features revolutionary pitched metal flashing which is designed to offer an ideal angle for collecting sunlight from all angles.

5. VELUX-TGF 014 0000, 14 inch Sun Tunnel Skylight

The Velux 014 0000 TGF Sun Tube Tubular Skylights with Low-Profile Flickering and Versatile Tunnel are aimed at making your home room brighter with energy-efficient and natural light. The Velux skylights are better mounted in spaces with flat ceilings such as bathrooms, wardrobes, and doorways. The Velux 014 0000 TGF skylight has lightweight tubes that can be easily mounted and adjusted around rooftop interferences. The Velux Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight also features the original one-piece low-profile metal flashing, which is perpendicular and blends into the roofline.

It is designed to be installed on the shingle and other low profile roofing materials like the pitched Fiberglass-asphalt shingle or Shake type roofs, with a roof pitch between 14° and 6°. It can be installed in as little as 2-hours in most applications. The VELUX-TGF 014 0000 has Includes Sun Tunnel, Acrylic Dome, Low-profile Flashing for shingle/shake roofs, 8-feet of flexible tubing (maximum length of installation), ceiling ring, and diffuser. It provides optimal angles for gathering daylight on all roof exposures and lights a room of up to 150 sq. ft. in size and is ideal for smaller spaces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Tubes

TDDs are revolutionary and provide a new method for delivering sunshine since they do not need reframing. It’s a simple assembly process, typically lasting up to four hours, that doesn’t involve too many adjustments to the interior structure whilst also bringing a sophisticated look without requiring meticulous upkeep. It is also built to be leakage, harm, and impact-proof, making it a robust product as well.

Using this device would bring almost natural sunshine to every part of your space without jeopardizing your wellbeing since it prevents you from excessive exposure to sunlight while experiencing almost the same visibility as remaining outside the house. While remaining indoors, you can also reap the advantages of staying under the sun, such as, but not limited to, increasing focus and energy levels. Since it absorbs and diffuses sunlight, getting this technology at home would certainly result in a low electric expenditure.

It is a cost-effective device that everyone can use at home or also for the company, and it can offer artificial light that is almost the same as natural lighting in every area of the establishment. Simple, quick, and clean installation and low maintenance often require a lower budget. This substance helps to decrease the temperature inside the house. It reduces the depletion of warmth or cool energy because it retains the insulation.

You can turn off your lighting in the daytime because of this tool. You’ll never think about forgetting to turn off the lights before you go. By reducing energy consumption, you will help to green and conserve the planet because it can minimize emissions. With the advantages mentioned, it will add value to your building.

However, if this system is mounted on your ceiling, you would not be able to enjoy a clear view of the sky because you cannot open the enclosed arrangement of solar tubing. While it will need virtually no repair, it will inevitably be destroyed due to high temperatures. Also, be sure to review the roofing or ceiling specifications before you purchase a solar tube, and if this system is not properly installed, it will cause leaks and will make it impossible to re-install the equipment.


This system is perfect for installation in any house, as it provides illumination even in the darkest place. It may also be used in workplaces as it can minimize electricity bills. As these are checked for storms, it is proposed that they be built in areas deprived of natural sunshine, such as Oregon and South Washington, among others. Solar tube lights are made for those who wish to help improve the world. It doesn’t cause pollution, after all. Its light is from the sun, so there’s no need for fossil fuels to burn.

These tube lights are built for those who wish to add lighting or backup light to their residences. They should also expect sunshine in their rooms after a blackout or power outage, without interruptions. These lamps are also planned for those who wish to conserve electricity. These tunnel lights do not use power, so they conserve energy and do not contribute to the bills.

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