10 Best Solar Rope Lights For Any Occasion

Whether it is for a party or wedding, decorating your house is a thing that we all love. While decorating your house, a decorating item that you cannot forget is a solar rope light. Also referred to as fairy lights, solar-powered rope lights are a great choice to make your house look splendidly beautiful from not just the inside but from the outside as well. 

The best solar rope lights are largely versatile and can be used for any occasion. In spite of being so simple, hanging these lights on your walls can enhance your mood and the feel of a room significantly. What’s more, solar rope lights don’t cost a lot and don’t consume so much power. For these reasons, you must have a set of solar rope lights in your home-decor collection. It’s a worthy investment!

Read further and you will see that these lights come in a large variety and give you all kinds of innovative and creative decorating ideas. So, with the best solar rope lights, you can explore your artistic side and decorate your surroundings however you want. For instance, you can buy two rope lights of different colors or effects and twirl one around the other for a unique overall look.

That being said, there is a multitude of factors when it comes to buying the best solar rope lights. So you should have a proper understanding of each factor if you don’t want to spend your money on the wrong product. To explain each factor, we have provided a detailed buying guide for the best solar rope lights below. 

But before that, we have added a list of some of the most amazing solar rope lights out there. After detailed and thorough research, we were able to pick the best solar rope lights for you at the most affordable prices so that you can easily buy them to embellish your house.

Best Choice


Solar Rope Lights By KUshopfast

Premium Choice


Solar Rope Lights by Image

Best in Budget


Aluvee Rope String Lights

Top 10 Solar Rope Lights

1. Solar Rope Lights By KUshopfast


  • They consume less energy and are eco-friendly.
  • To keep them safe in rainy seasons, they have a waterproof IP65 rating.
  • These lights are durable.


  • Their battery life is over 7-8 that is relatively low

During the festive season, we want our house to have beautiful decorations. Those who are planning to throw great outdoor parties must get these Solar Rope Lights. They have a length of 66 feet, which is sufficient to cover your whole garden. In terms of build quality, it is made up of high-quality copper wire outdoor tube light string. To light up your house in the neighborhood, it has 200 low-heat LED lights with a steady 360 degrees viewing angle. Hence, they light up in each direction.

It has 8 different lighting modes which include combination, fireflies, waves, fading, chasing, flashing, fading in slow motion, twinkle/flashing, and non-flashing steady-on mode. By switching to different modes, you can observe a different lighting pattern. It saves your last mode setting, so you don’t have to reset it again.

You can easily mold it into any shape that you wish as they are malleable. These are the best solar rope lights to wrap around trees, balconies, staircases, window bars, etc.

2. GIGALUMI Outdoor Solar Rope Lights


  • These lights come with 8 lighting modes.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • You can set it up easily.


  • These lights have low brightness.

One of the biggest advantages of its solar panel is that it charges the battery on both sunny and cloudy days. Also, these lights turn on at night automatically. They deliver continuous lighting for 8 hours. This means that the lights will illuminate your house till the party is over. These LED lights are strong and durable.

They are constructed of hard plastic. Due to this, it is cost-efficient, environmental-friendly, and reusable. Each pack contains 100 LED bulbs with a 35.7ft high-quality copper wire. Like the previous light, it has a 360-degree viewing angle. It was made to withstand all types of weather. Hence, in heavy rain and snowfall, these lights will still work flawlessly. With their premium quality bendable PVC tubes, you have the freedom to show off your artistic skill.

3.Aluvee Rope String Lights


  • Its waterproof technology enables it to function underwater.
  • With a full charge, these rope lights will work for almost 17 hours.


  • It has only two lighting modes, i.e. steady-on and flashing.

These rope string lights by Aluvee comes with 2 switch buttons. You can power it on or off when you need to. Apart from that, it has a feature to turn on at dusk automatically, and at day, it turns off. To charge these lights, you must turn on the switch.

These are the best solar rope lights with flexibility, so once the event is done, you can keep them in your storeroom for future celebrations. To transform the entire look of your house, you can put them on furniture, beds, windows, staircases, bars, frames, rafters, fireplace mantels, patios, balconies, boat decks, and many more places.

If you are not happy with the Aluvee Lights, the company offers an after-sale warranty for the customers. These can be an amazing gift for your loved ones on multiple occasions.

4. Solar Rope Lights by Image


  • They have a high-density solar panel for charging them on cloudy days.
  • Their working time is exceptionally long.
  • The battery is detachable.


  • The solar panel is not scratch-free.

The IMAGE rope lights have a length of 78.7 feet. On this string, 200 LEDs are attached. These areas can be put on large areas without any hassle.

As their name suggests, these lights are solar-powered. The battery of these lights can be detached with the solar panel for charging it. If the position of the rope lights is far from sunlight, you can take the battery near the sun.

The battery is 2400 mAh. According to that, your lights can stay brighter for more than 10 hours of continuous use. When you are using these lights, you don’t have to be afraid of water because they are waterproof. Lastly, these lights are available with 8 different lighting sequences. In short, with just a single press, you get many options when you purchase these lights.

5. LiyuanQ Solar Rope Lights


  • These lights are safe to use.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • These fairy light consume less energy.


  • They have low brightness.

These rope lights are made with 33 feet copper wire. Besides that, PVC tubes cover these wires. The makers have made the tubing of these lights durable and flexible. In addition to that, the tubing is thin. As a result, you are able to wrap it in various ways to create glowing characters. In this way, it can add fun to your boring outdoor or indoor gatherings. The rope consists of 100 glowing LED lights.

It has an adjustable solar panel with a rechargeable battery. The tube is built to resist light rainfall and water spills, which makes them the best solar rope lights for parties, weddings, homes, shows, restaurants, hotels, patios, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc.

The bulbs used are low-heat-emission LED bulbs that have a high energy conversion rate as compared to other lights. What’s more, they are safe for the environment. The LEDs do not overheat after using for numerous hours.

6. JMEXSUSS Solar Powered Rope Lights


  • The tune of this rope light is foldable.
  • They deliver extremely reliable customer service.


  • This rope light has an average length.

This higher quality solar rope light has 8 awesome modes. With these effects, you can lift the vibe of a room by creating a colorful, sophisticated, or warm atmosphere. They do not need any other electricity costs, and you don’t need to replace the battery. Also, it has a light sensor to control the lights to automatically turn on in darkness and turn off when there is enough light. When the solar panel absorbs plenty of sunlight, the rope lights can work for approximately 8 hours.

What’s more, it is a120LED low-voltage solar light that is waterproof, frost-proof, and sun-proof. This is the factor that makes it sturdier than other regular solar string lights. The total length of the rope is 39.4 feet.

7. Fatpoom Solar Rope Lights


  • It is great for outdoor decorations.
  • It has 8 lighting sequences.
  • The string lights are multi-colored.


  • It is not waterproof.

This light is 40ft long. On top of that, it has120 LED rope lights. Like all the other lights on this list, it is bendable. Similarly, you can install this rope light smoothly. Generally, you can use them in any climate. This rope light is also powered by a solar panel. As a consequence, it is portable and can be kept anywhere you feel like placing it.

It has a beautiful range of colors. No matter what the time is, these lights will make your home charming.

8. Solar String Lights By Asmader


  • It charges quite fast.
  • Their customer service is excellent.


  • It is expensive than the other solar panels.

It is an advanced string light. This rope light was launched with the option to charge the battery in two ways. In short, you will get a solar panel to charge it. In case you forget to charge your lights, you can still run them by using AA batteries.

Moreover, it has a solar panel that is 2.2 times bigger. Most importantly, this has a high capacitance of 2000mA and IPCE of 19.7%. The dimensions of the solar panel are 4.33×3.39 inches. You can conveniently play with its 8 lighting modes with a remote controller. In simple words, you can change the mode even if you are not close to it.

It has 200 greatly bright LED bulbs and the copper wire is 60ft. There is an ultra-thin waterproof film that covers the copper wire and stops it from entangling. Still, you can bend it to match your decoration. This type of string light is preferred by most of the people because it works well in every weather. For Asmader, the experience of all customers and product quality matter the most. These enhanced features prove that it is among the best solar rope lights.

9. Solar Rope Lights By PUHPIG


  • These lights are energy-saving.
  • The rope lights provide environmental protection.
  • The battery timing is 12 hours.


  • It has only one white light.

This rope light is 65.6ft in length. It has a copper wire string with 200 low-heat LED lights. It has a steady 360-degree viewing angle as well. The modes of lighting include combination, fireflies flashing, fading, waves, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing, and steady on. Plus, the lighting effect of every mode is unique. And, a memory chip is incorporated to save your last modes setting. It has an IP65 waterproof design.

10. Joomer Upgraded Solar String Lights


  • With this light, you don’t have to pay an additional utility electricity cost.
  • It is multi-purpose.
  • It has a long battery lifespan.


  • You cannot adjust the level of lightning.

It has an upgraded built-in battery that ranges from 600mAh to 1000mAh. Furthermore, it provides a long working period. The LED brightness of this solar string is improved. It has an automatic on and off function. For energy supply, it solely depends on solar energy. It uses a silver wire that is 39ft long and ultra-thin. This light has sensors; they cast a pleasant light whenever there is little light in the horizon. On top of that, it is water-resistant to bear light water splashes.

Buying Guide

When it comes to the best solar rope lights, there are a lot of factors at play. Therefore, without knowing enough about these factors, you cannot buy the best solar rope lights for yourself. So here is a list of elements that you need to know about before you go out looking for the best solar rope lights.


You must have seen in the list above that different solar rope lights have different lengths. If you buy a solar rope light, you should know how much length you want. For this, you should know what you need the light for. If you have plans of decorating your garden, you would most likely need solar rope lights of larger lengths so that you can easily cover the whole garden. 

Place of Application

Again, before you go out and start looking for the best solar rope lights for yourself, you must know where you are going to set them up. This is an important consideration because some solar rope lights are designed to be used indoors. If you use such lights in your garden, walkways, patio, or anywhere outside, they would probably not perform nicely. Not only that, but they would also break down much quicker than they were supposed to.

There are many qualities of an outdoor solar rope light that makes it fit for outdoor use. For instance, it is quite common for such solar rope lights to have waterproof features. This is particularly important so that, in the case of rain, your lights can still be functional and your party does not stop. 

In addition to that, the best solar rope lights for outdoor use are also weatherproof. Therefore, you should also look for this feature if you want a light for outdoor use. Due to this quality, the light can withstand nearly any type of weather condition, for example, hot, cold, dusty, windy, rainy, dry weather, etc.

Further, the presence of a switch connector or battery is also connected to the place of application of your light. If you live in a place that is always cold or has less sunlight, a solar rope light with switch connectors is a better option for you.

Purpose of the Light

There can be any reason for you to purchase a solar rope light. Whether you install it inside your room or on your roof, the primary purpose of a solar rope light is to enhance the beauty of its surroundings. Since their main purpose is not lighting up an area, they are not high-beam lights that can be used in the place of regular light bulbs to make a place shine at night.


No matter what you are going to buy, the price of the item is the most critical factor. There are various reasons for the price to be such an important factor. First of all, the price of a solar rope light determines whether or not you can even afford the product. 

Also, it is important to mention that most people do not go for a solar rope light that is highly priced. This is because these lights are solely used for decorative purposes and thus do not offer high power. Secondly, people do not use them so frequently; instead, they use them for an occasion and put them away until the next occasion comes.

Moreover, the best solar rope lights offer more LED bulbs for better lighting. And naturally, more number of LED bulbs in a solar rope light will increase the price. Furthermore, the price also determines quality sometimes. Generally, solar rope lights of higher prices tend to have higher quality as well.

Type of Bulb

Since solar rope lights contain a large number of bulbs, it is important to consider which type of bulb they use.  The most common type of bulb used in solar rope lights are LED bulbs. When compared to other bulb types, LED bulbs consume much less energy and have the longest lifespan.

Other types of bulbs used in solar rope lights include Edison-style bulbs and Globe bulbs. The former offers you a light of great brightness, while the latter gives you the characteristic softer glow of string lights.

Apart from that, there are bulbs that are made of plastic, which gives them additional strength. On the other hand, there are bulbs that are made of glass. Although glass requires a lot of care, it looks unmatchably beautiful. Therefore, the best solar rope lights for you are those that have the type of bulb that suits your purpose the best.

Number of Lighting Modes

Believe it or not, but a solar rope light with a steady glow can make your outdoor party quite boring. If not boring, the light definitely won’t make it more fun. Fortunately, the best solar rope lights come with 2, 4, 6, or 8 lighting modes. 

Some lights come with strobing or flashing effects, while others can fade in and fade out, or twinkle. Hence, more lighting modes in your rope light allows you to add more effects to your party, making it more fun.

Multi-lighting mode solar rope lights are immensely effective to make your party enthusiastic with some music or to make your night incredibly romantic to enjoy with your loved one. That being said, depending on your taste, you can buy rope lights with only one lighting mode for regular home decoration.

Solar Panel Features

The energy source of the best solar rope lights should be powerful and efficient. The features that make a solar panel robust are as follows:


A solar panel may be based on one of two technologies, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. It is proved time and time again that monocrystalline technology is better than polycrystalline, However, it tends to be more expensive.

Run Time

The run time or power backup of a solar panel tells you its battery size. Of course, a bigger battery would run for a longer period of time when fully charged. Therefore, while buying these lights, don’t forget to check how long they can work after being fully charged and go for the light that has the longest run time.

Charging Time

As the name suggests, the charging time tells you how long the light will take to get completely charged. It is obvious that the best solar rope lights require less time to get fully charged. For this reason, you must check and compare brands and products against each other to find the solar rope light with the least charging time.

Dual Charging Capability

We all know that solar panels require sunlight to charge their respective rope lights. However, there are days when the sun doesn’t shine on us for a long time, making it hard for the light to get fully charged. For these cases, manufacturers produce solar rope lights with dual charging capability. 

Such lights offer the option of USB charging that allows you to charge your solar panel by using electricity. So if you live in an area where you do not get enough sunlight for a long time, you should consider buying a dual charging solar rope light.


A solar rope light-whether it is indoor or outdoor-can ruin your party if it stops working midway. Hence, you must get a rope light that is strong and reliable. The best solar rope lights can resist different types of situations and support repeated usage. For example, it is common for rope lights to fall down if they’re not properly hanged. So the best solar rope lights will be able to withstand the impact and won’t stop working after facing it.


Flexibility is a factor that we tend to forget while buying a solar rope light, especially when we’re buying it from an online store. Flexibility is important because you most likely will be hanging or wrapping your rope light on various things, like a fence or door.

Fortunately, most solar rope lights are flexible, but their build quality is not the same. For instance, some rope lights are weaker as they’re made from cheap plastic materials. Naturally, these lights get damaged easily when they are bent, twisted, or folded. On the other hand, the best solar rope lights have stronger PVC builds. Since they’re more powerful, these lights can easily withstand bending and other types of handling and deformations.


In spite of being so different from each other, all the above-mentioned solar rope light products are great candidates for being the best solar rope lights for most of you. In fact, on our highly diverse list, you can easily find a solar-powered rope light that meets your requirements. 

Remember, the most important aspect of buying the best solar rope lights is knowing what your needs are, so make sure you are clear about that. We hope that you have found this article helpful in your search for the best solar rope lights. Last but not least, whichever rope light you go for, we hope that you enjoy them to the fullest and that they prove to be extremely useful and versatile for you.

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