Hopping into a pool isn’t generally a great encounter, particularly throughout the fall and spring season when colder breezes begin blowing.

Most property holders will have a gas pool warmer to build the temperature of their pool water. Notwithstanding, continually taking care of gas bills that expand because of the additional utilization of gas can be extravagant and undesired. Electric radiators have a similar issue with significant expenses.


In this short guide, you will discover numerous important hints and responses to numerous inquiries that you may have about sun-powered pool warmers. In any case, before that, how about we begin with the rundown of the main six best sun-based warmers for pool

Best Choice


SmartPool S601P SunHeater (Highest selling product of all)

  • For a wide area 
  • Long-lasting polypropylene heat collector.
  • Wind Vents 

Premium Choice


SunHeater S120U solar pool heater

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Patented Design 
  • Ideal for over ground pools. 
  • Lightweight 

Best in Budget


Fafco solar bear pool heater

  • For above ground pools
  • 10 years warranty 
  • Reliable and easy to install. 

6 Top Solar Pool Heater

1. Fafco Solar Bear Solar Pool Heater


  • The system generates 80,000 BTUs per day.
  • It provides additional 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit to the pool.
  • The solar pool heater is easy to install.
  • The system is reliable.


  • Not suitable for you if you live in the cold region because you will not be able to store it. 

Our list’s first solar pool heater is the Fafco solar bear pool heater because it is specially designed for above-ground pools. The system consists of a 4 ft. x 20 ft. large solar collector with 1-1/2″ barb connections that can be placed down on the ground next to the pool to reduce the size of the hose.

 The best thing which we liked about this best solar pool heater is that you can mount this on a mounting rack with a tilt of 20-45° angle while facing South to optimize heating and maximize productivity. The best feature is that it accompanies extra-huge 2-inch headers to accelerate pool water flow and amazing solar warmth move.

Key Features:

     Suitable for above-ground pools.

     It comes with a 10-year warranty

     The mounting rack is tilted to 20-45 degrees. 

2. SmartPool S601P SunHeater


  • It heats the large surface area of the pool.
  • It is built with a long-lasting polypropylene heat collector.
  • Value for money
  • Does not require any maintenance. 


  • Many users have complained that minor leaks start after few years.
  • The installation kit comes separately.
  • Not for winter purposes. 

The SmartPool S601P SunHeater solar heater framework is ideal for huge in-ground pools. Each solar board covers a space of 80 square feet (20 feet by 4 feet), which amplifies the measure of solar energy gathered.

You’ll, in all likelihood, need more than one board to warm your pool sensibly rapidly. The framework pack is sold independently. Only one is sufficient for mounting up to 4 boards. If you need it, you can likewise purchase your hoses and connectors.

The establishment is genuinely simple if you have some involvement in-home tasks. A few groups will think that it’s simpler to employ a pool organization to do the establishment.

Once introduced, the Sun Heater framework raises pool temperature by about 6°F to 10°F each day. Consider utilizing a pool cover around evening time to hold that warmth. It comes profoundly evaluated by numerous commentators and genuine clients and has acquired the main positioning for an assortment of people as the best by and large sun-oriented fuelled pool warming framework.

Key Features:

  • It comes with fiberglass reinforced on the over moulder header.
  • Heating tubes come for a wide area.
  • It comes with wind vents to maintain the heating panel integrity

3. SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater


  • It increases the temperature by 6-10°F above.
  • The dimensions of the product are 120 x 27.5 x 16 inches
  • The solar heater is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It comes with a pocket-friendly price tag.


  • It is not suitable for large pools.
  • The system requires diverter kits for efficient performance.

SunHeater S120U gives a stunning option in contrast to warming your pool, particularly throughout the spring and harvest time seasons.

Solar heater for pools can be intended to fit inground or over the ground purposes. Nonetheless, the item from Xtremepower is appropriate for the two choices. The framework is planned with a 2 feet x 20 feet in length sun-powered warming authority made of lightweight, adaptable dark polypropylene.

Likewise, the authority has been planned with a cylinder development that makes a bigger surface region to streamline heat move through the lines to your pool. The sun-oriented warming framework can raise the water temperature to 6-10 degrees Fahrenheit (contingent upon sun-powered irradiance esteems on the area) and works impeccably with most pool siphons.

The Xtremepower sun-oriented radiator for the pool has been planned with high-grade materials that can oppose brutal climate conditions. Besides, the warming framework incorporates around a 1.5″ header complex and is appended with an elastic coupling.

The solar heating system is ideal for over-the-ground pools under 18 feet (round case) and up to 350 sq. ft. (oval case), even though by adding another sun-oriented warmer mat, you can get higher limits.

Key Features:

  • Simple DIY installation
  • It uses an existing pool pump.
  • Patented web design for maximum exposure to sun’s rays. 

4. GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater


  • The solar pool heater is very efficient.
  • It doesn’t require any installation
  • The solar pool heater requires no maintenance and affordable. 


  • The pool heater is heavy.
  • It requires a lot of light to function. 

This is a fascinating hybridization of solar board trade warming and the convertibility intrinsic in the warmer mat we took a gander at a second prior. It’s anything but a robust siphon, yet the high-level materials and comparative utilization of nursery steaming advancements mean this can deliver some genuine warmth if it gets sufficient light.

Like the possibility of this, however, once more, this truly needs the extreme sun to give a ton of warmth. This would require a long time to get a virus pool warm, particularly in regions that don’t have extremely serious daylight. However, it’s unquestionably quicker than the past model and more helpful than the rooftop mounted methodologies.

I could see further advances of this innovation figuring out how to deliver heat out of beautiful, frail daylight. However, it’s not exactly there yet. In any case, if you have the daylight to warm water by any stretch of the imagination, this one will most likely perform commendably.

Key Features:

  • Above ground pool type
  • It doesn’t require any installation
  • It is a Map heater type.

5. SunHeater S240U


  • This system can raise the water temperature 6-10 degrees F
  • It comes with flexibility.
  • It has a Tube-web-tube design which allows panels to expand.
  • This pool heater is an efficient and affordable way to heat your pool. 


  • No negatives have been noticed yet. 

The subsequent choice of SunHeater is the S240U sunlight-based radiator for over-the-ground pools. These models have been planned with a 2 ft. width x 20 feet in length warmer mat covering a 40 square feet region to give warmth to adjust pools that go from 12-18 feet and for oval pools of 12-24 feet.

The pool gets warm water coming from the warming authority made out of a polypropylene material that won’t rust, erode, or scale — guaranteeing long haul execution.

These sun-oriented warmers for over-the-ground pools will expand the water temperature 6-10°F when appropriately estimated, and they can be introduced up to 30 feet from the pools.

In addition, the warming authority is not difficult to introduce: you will just have to interface the board with the pool through a hose that will go through a pool siphon and a channel to arrive at the gatherers. On the off chance that you are searching for a modest sunlight-based pool warmer that additionally has a decent presentation, then, at that point, the SmartPool S220 may be for you.

Key Features:

  • The system is made of durable polypropylene.
  • Tube-web-tube design catches more solar heat
  • Easy to install.

6. Doheny Space Saver Collector


  • This pool heater is cost-effective and durable.
  • The product is eco-friendly and easy to install.
  • It works will all kinds of pools and pool pumps.
  • It features a MAX-FLO design. 


  • The panel of the pool heater is big and requires a lot of space. 

Keep your pool water warm throughout the entire year with the Space Saver Collector from Doheny. Its enormous board stirs quickly to warm up pool water in only 60 minutes, and it’s ready to keep up those warm water temperatures all through.

Because of the board’s enormous size, you may find that it takes up a lot of room, yet it’s justified when you consider how rapidly it functions and how proficient it is.

You’ll likewise adore its lovely plan, which looks extraordinary as well as makes it very simple to introduce all alone also, without the requirement for proficient assistance. The plan likewise accompanies direct stream MAX-FLO that is super-productive regarding water flow, along these lines saving you many dollars in warming bills.

With everything taken into account, the Doheny Heating Collector is an eco-accommodating pool warming arrangement intended to be introduced in any sort or size of the pool. Furthermore, it’s anything but’s a 5-year guarantee which says a great deal regarding the producer’s degree of trust in the development quality and execution of this framework.

Key Features:

  • It is an above-ground solar heating panel.
  • Can raise pool temps to 10 degrees.
  • It can be mounted easily on plywood.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Best Solar Pool Heater

Pool Form Factor – What sort of pool do you have? Over the ground, pools are effectively enough warmed with sheets or a little trade radiator.

Distance from the House – How far away is the pool from your home? If it’s essentially far, trade radiators, best served on the rooftop, possibly less viable.

Establishment – How a lot of an endeavour do you need the establishment to be? Surface warmers are quite mediocre to introduce, yet trade radiators frequently require a siphon just as some development.

Temperature – Do you simply require a tad of warmth, or do you have to effectively place a great deal of nuclear power into it? If you live in a hotter, sunnier spot like California, radiators like these don’t need to buckle down, yet different pieces of the world with unusual daylight need to work more earnestly and give more warmth as well.

Guarantee – You need a decent guarantee on these, because many things can turn out badly – don’t stress, I’ll disclose to you about that in a moment.

Pool Function – Is this a recreation pool? Then, at that point, you’ll need it between 88-90 degrees or something like that. This sounds hot. However, for water, it’s truly not. On the off chance that this is an activity pool, you’ll need it somewhat cooler, as this empowers dissemination and headway Between 78-85 degrees.



Q1: How to winterize a sun-based pool radiator?

Ans: Detach the water from the radiator, and channel it, ensure it’s dry, and cover it’s anything but the best sunlight-based pool covers. If you live where it freezes, don’t attempt sunlight-based warmth in your pool in the colder time of year.

Q2: How to introduce a sun-based pool radiator on the rooftop?

Ans: For the most part, there will be a few mountings that secure down – screws or nails, and afterward two lines, one driving in from the siphon, one driving back to the pool. It’s lovely simple ordinarily.

Q3: How Many BTU Pool Heater Do I Need? What Size Pool Heater Do I Need for a Specific  Surface Area?

Ans: As said above, with sun-based energy, you can’t anticipate this without some costly meteorological gear that can give you sun-powered yield throughout some period and produce patterns that you can change over into warm units.

With surface sheet style warming, you need precisely the measure of material as the surface space of the water. For over-the-ground pools, you will perhaps need to fix the sides of the pool with this material too.

For trade warmers, you’ll need to take a gander at the measure of water that will, in general, go through. It’s anything but a timeframe. You need it to put at any rate 33% of your pool’s volume of water through it each day, if not more. It doesn’t need to cycle each drop of water – the water coming from trade radiators will, hypothetically, really be somewhat hotter than you need the pool to be, and the weakening and trade with the cooler water will bring about a generally even-temperature pool.


These don’t work for in-ground pools, and I’d suggest utilizing a few of these to warm an over-the-ground pool of any huge size. This depends on the sun’s power to warm light-spongy materials, which implies it is significantly more subject to the force of daylight gave. In this way, these solitary work in a blistering, radiant summer if you live in a spot with seasons. You’ll need something electric as reinforcement in any case. It’s an extraordinary enhancement to diminish your warming expenses, yet you ought to have an electric warmth source to enhance or supplant it when the sun’s excessively feeble. Acknowledge this certainty, and any of these ought to be a major assistance

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