5 Best Solar Bug Zappers For Indoors And Outdoors

When you are out camping or on an adventure, there is one thing that may disturb your peace and that is bugs. To make sure they stay away from them, many people use solar bug zapper.

Solar bug zappers are the newest and most convenient option out of all.

What do you mean by solar bug zapper?

It is an Insect lamp that is used to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, bugs, and other insects.

How does it work?

Bug zapper attracts the bugs through its UV light this light is in the center which makes the bug come under the zapper. Insects that come under the zapper are electrocuted between the couple of metal grids.

Bug zappers are a hit since the light attracts the bug. We understand how upsetting it is get bitten by insects on your vacations while you camp. One of the most feared things is to get a bite by some insect that may leave you sick or bruised for days.

 Even if you are not camping, but just having a fun-night in your backyard, these bugs can become a major problem. It is why there is solar bug zapper, as this will help you enjoy your day-out.

If you have tried various methods to get rid of these unwanted guests, you must try solar bug zapper. Here is a buying guide along with our top picks for you so you choose the best one.

Best Choice


Flowtron Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Premium Choice


PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch

Best in Budget


MeetUs Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

Best Solar Bug Zapper Review

1. MeetUs Solar Power Mosquito Lamp


  • It is made up of stainless steel.
  • It is safe for human body.
  • It has a 12 month warranty.
  • It has a modern design.
  • It is also a light.


  • Not an effective product for bugs zapping.

Imagine a night without any mosquitoes without using any sprays. Some people are even allergic to the smell or chemical of such strong-scented sprays. In such case, you must check out MeetUs Solar Power Mosquito lamp.

This solar bug zapper helps in keeping away all the mosquitoes, and its modern design makes it fuse in with the surroundings. The bug zapper is also a light that you can hang anywhere in your room, living room, or bathroom and forget about getting any mosquito bites.

It is also good in quality as it is made up of stainless steel. The solar bug zapper is safe to use and it will not harm your body at all. If you are worried about any noise then don’t be. This device is super mute.

It performs well even when it is exposed to a high temperature. It is very convenient to install, hang and use. It also comes with a 12 months warranty.

For increased functionality you should close all the other light sources when using its trap option.

2. PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch


  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It has a flickering flame design LED
  • It also ha s Blue UV LED.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It comes with an adjustable stake.


  • The price is a bit much for a solar bug zapper light.

If you care about the environment and are looking for a sustainable option then PIC solar insect killer torch is the one for you. It is a sustainable torch that doesn’t need any refills. There is no air pollution and so it is regarded as eco-friendly.

We all know the famous saying how bugs keep away from flames. It is designed in a way that its LED is in the form of flickering flame. This gives the illusion of a flame without the danger of open flame. To attract insects and bugs this bug zapper also has a blue UV LED. It keeps your outdoors safe and clean so that you can enjoy your time there.

This torch is made for the outdoors as it is completely weather-proof. You can keep it out in any weather conditions, and after it gets charged in the sunlight, it will keep away all the bugs during the night.

It comes with a stake which will help you in regulating the height of the torch. In this way you can adjust its height according to your requirements.

3. Flowtron Garden Solar Mosquito and Bug Zapper


  • It attracts bugs and mosquitoes using UV lights.
  • This product stores 8 hours of energy for LED light.
  • It makes a good decorative light.
  • It is durable and sturdy.


  •  Might fail to kill bugs appropriately.

Flowtron Garden Mosquito and Bug Zapper is also an LED light. This means you get two functions at the price of just one. Its multi-function design makes it much popular among everyone.

It is extremely easy to place this light anywhere you want. it can be on the deck, by your garden, pond or the walkway. It eliminates all the bugs and mosquitoes from anywhere it is placed.

Since it uses solar energy to charge, there is no requirement of any kind of electricity. It saves a lot of energy. It has a low voltage LED bulb which is quite sturdy. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions making it weather-proof.

The design of this solar LED light bug and mosquito zapper makes a pretty décor outside your house or anywhere it is installed. It also comes with a handle that helps in carrying this light anywhere you go.

This device is extremely durable as it is made up of quality plastic construction. It is safe to be around your children and pets.

4. PIC Solar Portable Lantern and Bug Zapper


  • It has a beautiful design and kills all the bugs effectively.
  • It doesn’t need any kind of installation; you can hang it anywhere you want.
  • It has 3 LED mode settings.
  • It is weather-proof.
  • It is safe, durable and sturdy.
  • Can also be charged using USB cable.
  • It uses blue LED UV light


  • It works better when charged using USB cable.

If you are looking for something extremely portable that is also effective outdoors, this is the best solar bug zapper for you. It helps in killing bugs by electrocuting them between its 500 grids Volt. It helps in attracting the bugs by using its blue UV LED, which then kills them off.

There is a fun feature of this lantern which makes it much more convenient than the others. You can use solar energy to charge it or it can also be charged using USB cable. It means you can just charge your bug zapper lantern and off you go.

The beautiful design makes it look a beautiful lantern that also kills any bugs in sight.

It comes with 3 LED light settings and these settings are: low, medium and bright. In low it uses 60 lumens, in medium it uses 90 lumens, and in bright it uses 180 lumens.

With this bug zapper cum lantern, there is no requirement for any sort of installation. You can just hang it anywhere you want. It can be outdoors as well as indoors, and it will kill bugs effectively anywhere.

You can also put this amazing bug zapper lantern outside even when the weather is bad. This makes it weather-proof.

5. MAYSAK Camping Lantern Bug Zapper


  • It can be charged using USB cable or by using solar energy.
  • It is 2 in 1 device.
  • It is quite portable and sturdy.
  • It has a 90 days warranty.


  • The USB charger doesn’t properly work.

This bug zapper lantern is a 2 in 1 technology. It helps as a lantern during your camping and hiking trips but it also makes sure that there are no bugs alive.

The lantern can be charged using both ways, either a USB cable or by using solar energy. Using solar energy is far much better in outdoors. These multiple charging option helps in making your experience with this product better.

This is a very low-maintenance LED light lantern, as it can be cleaned by rinsing it directly with water. You can put this lamp outside and it will survive that weather condition.

The design of this lantern is modern, sturdy and ergonomic. You can hang this outdoors or indoors. Other than all these benefits, it comes with a 90 days warranty just like other MAYSAK’s products.

Advantages of Solar Bug Zapper

Here are some of the solar bug zapper’s advantages.

  • It doesn’t emit any greenhouse gas, which makes it safer.
  • You can use it as a decoration in your garden which will also eliminate bugs and insects from the place.
  • It helps you to sleep in a good environment with no insects disturbing you.
  • Solar power is used for charging the zapper.
  • Most Solar bug zappers are water-proof.
  • It is also quite eco-friendly.
  • Solar bug zappers are made to be portable so that you can take it anywhere you go.
  • It is extremely easy to install.
  • No chemical formulas are used which makes it non-toxic.
  • They are not mostly expensive.
  • They keep your children and pets safe in your home.

Some Disadvantages of Solar Bug Zapper

With many advantages come a few disadvantages, here they are:

  • You may feel it a bit difficult to install all by yourself.
  • Without full charge the solar bug zappers may run out of battery during the night.
  • There may be products that don’t come with a warranty.
  • Since they only work by solar energy, they don’t have any back up batteries.

Buying Guide

It is common to not know what you should check while buying a solar bug zapper. However, here is a guide for you to get you through this tough decision.

1: Technology

Solar bug zapper comes in various technologies but here we will only tell you three common ones.

First one is Light Emitting Solar Bug Zapper they attract the bug to the center of the zapper by emitting light. Once the bug is in the center it will get electrocuted.

Second one is Scent Emitting Solar Bug Zapper they target the senses of an insect. They attack or repel, and kill their target.

Third one is ultra sonic system solar bug zapper. They emit ultrasonic sound which makes the bugs fly away. It means that in the presence of ultrasonic waves, no bug or insect can comeback.

2: Good Sunlight Absorption

A solar bug zapper works on solar energy. This means it is charged by the sun during the day-time so they can work at their full potential at night-time. Make sure you are giving the bug zapper a complete and enough sun exposure. It should absorb enough energy to keep on working throughout the night so that no bug or insects disturb your sleep.

3: Know the Type of Insects it Repel

Many solar bug zappers may not repel all the insects. Make sure that your solar bug zapper repels all insects and bugs, especially the ones that you want to repel.

These insect lamps must electrocute each and every insect they face. If that is not the case then you will suffer through the night.

4: Know where and when you will use it

It is essential that you know why you want to buy a solar bug zapper. Many people buy it for their backyard outdoor parties, fun-nights, etc. In which case, they may get a heavy duty one.

However, if you are thinking to travel with your bug zapper then before buying it make sure it light-weight and portable. If you are going on a hike or for camping then your luggage shouldn’t be heavy to slow you down. Having a light-weight bug zapper will lighten the weight of your luggage.

5: Choose an Appropriate Design

Many people also buy a bug zapper to facilitate them in their beautiful gardens by eliminating the unwanted insects and bugs.

In this case, the bug zapper should be of a pretty design that doesn’t destroy the look of your garden.

6: Your Budget and Quality

There is no point in shopping for a bug zapper if you don’t know the amount you are willing to spend on it. People with a budget will buy a better product than people who don’t have a set budget.

However, you shouldn’t think too much about getting a cheap one as quality is just as crucial. It is essential that you find that perfect balance between price and quality of a solar bug zapper.

7: Warranty System

When you look out for a good solar bug zapper, make sure to keep a check at its warranty. It is quite important to get warranty on your product as it ensures your trust on it and keeps you mind at peace.


Q: Why is solar power good?

A: It is one of the best energy sources. Solar power has made it possible to conserve our environment as there is no greenhouse gas emission.

Q: How effective Solar Bug Zappers are? 

A: The sunlight charges the bug zapper, which makes it work during the entire night. The UV bulb attracts the bugs or insects so that you can enjoy the moment.

Q: How to choose the best Solar Bug Zapper?

A: Before you go to buy a solar bug zapper you should give our buying guide a read. You should check for technology, price, quality, design and warranty. These measures will help you in finding the best solar bug zapper.


Solar bug zappers are hard to buy, but with our buying guide you can now make a beneficial purchase. The above buying guide will assist you in every way possible to lead you towards the desired product.

It is the best solution for anyone and for any purpose or occasion. No matter where you plan on going you can take these portable bug zappers with you. It can be your home, a hiking trip or camping place.

Since solar power is a renewable energy and also there is no gas emission, it is declared eco-friendly. You can use it without worrying about your surroundings, the environment, climate change and global warming. Not only this but it’s also not at all dangerous for your health.

Apart from our buying guide we have also listed our top picks for you with their pros and cons. We hope that you have learned something from this article, and we wish that you buy the best solar bug zapper.

Don’t forget to double check the product details, no matter what you buy and where you buy from.

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