10 Best Solar Attic Fans for Maximum Ventilation

Having adequate ventilation in all areas of our home is necessary. Usually, we don’t maintain the areas that are not used that often. However, when you take care of the ventilation of your home it helps in preventing a build-up of moisture. If you do not remove it, it can damage the material in your home. From furniture to food, an excess of moisture can destroy many items of your home.

Hence, you must think about purchasing and installing an attic fan in your home. Luckily, those who are searching for a simple and effective way to protect their home by allowing good ventilation may get a wide variety of solar attic fans. During the summer season, the temperature of our house gets extremely high. Some of us use devices that take lots of electrical energy to run. Consequently, the electricity bill and the temperature rise beyond your expectations.

The main benefit of the best solar attic fans is that they are useful for all seasons including winter. Because in colder seasons your place is most likely to have build-up moisture that can lead to growth of molds and other harmful organisms in your home. In such conditions, solar attic fans help with ventilation and air circulation. In this way, moisture doesn’t condense on the surface of your roof.
We have gathered the best solar attic fans that will protect your house at any expense. Without further delay, let’s dive into the details.

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Solar Attic Fan by Remington Solar

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Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light

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Solar Attic Fan by Solar Blaster

Top 10 Solar Attic Fans

1. iLIVING HYBRID Solar Attic Fan


  • They consume less electricity
  • These fans have a 15-year warranty
  • They come with an adjustable solar panel


  • These fans make noise

This is a promising product from iLIVING. This is a California based company that is renowned for its work. These fans use a polycrystalline solar panel that you can keep anywhere. And, it generates wattage to produce an air movement of around 1,750 CFM. This airflow is sufficient for most of the average attic areas.

Apart from that, there are multiple features that make this one of the best solar attic fans in the market. For example, they have a controllable thermostat with a range of control of 65-130f which is absent in many other models from different companies. These fans are IP68 water-resistant. Moreover, they are designed with brushless motors that provide approximately 2000 sq. ft. of capacity cooling.

With these fans, you get the enable/disable option which allows you to have more control over the movements of the fan. The makers give the consumers a choice of add-on features such as a non-stop AC power supply, on/off switch, and a screen guard too. Remember, you don’t get these features with the fan.

2. Solar Attic Fan by Remington Solar


  • These Remington Solar attic fans have a coated steel design
  • They have a thermostat and humidistat
  • The manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty
  • These fans have a brushless DC motor


  • They are a bit pricey

These solar attic fans are suitable for the summer months as they don’t increase the energy bills. These fans reduce the temperature of your attic all day. Due to this, your pace becomes cooler. So, you don’t have to take the stress of the high bills and high heat.

When you have molds in your home you can face several consequences. One of these damages includes the decrease in your home’s. These molds can affect the health of your family. These fans run on solar energy efficiently.

Because you get an adapter, you can use this roof fan at night. These attic fans have a humidistat along with a thermostat to change airflow with respect to the requirement of your attic.

These fans have a brushless DC motor that avoids friction. This feature extends the life of the motor. Similarly, your attic fan may have a longer life. The sound of these fans is almost inaudible. These fans can work perfectly during harsh weather, as they are weather resistant.

With these fans, you have nothing to worry about. When the customers are not satisfied with the fans the company refunds every single buck within a month.

3. 30-Watt Solar Attic Fan Remington Solar


  • These fans help to decrease the amount on your energy bills
  • The airflow is adjustable
  • The installation of these fans is straightforward


  • These fans do not offer a lifetime warranty
  • These fans make a sound when they are not in sunlight completely

Remington has a large variety of attic fans that work on solar power. But, the 30-watt attic fan is one of a kind. Especially, for space up to 2500 square feet, it is amazing. Many people have their workspace in the attic of the house. On that note, they need a silent fan to work in absolute peace.

To solve this issue, these fans are equipped with a noise dampening system. This is what makes them suitable for thousands of people.

In addition to that, these fans take only an hour to get installed. As the advertisement claims, anyone can install these fans without needing much help. Even if you are not good with mechanical work, you can do it easily. These fans are 24-volt and come with both a built-in thermostat and humidistat. Because of this, they will save you a great deal of money. – and it uses the high-quality polycrystalline solar panel that comes with it.

These fans have a powerful motor to cover up to 2500 square feet without difficulty. During winters, those who have the risk of ice-damming must buy this fan to reduce the danger. After you buy these solar attic fans, you get the opportunity to return them after a month.

4. 20-Watt Solar Attic Fan Remington Solar


  • These attic fans have a sleek design
  • They are compact and efficient at the same time
  • You don’t need additional cords for set up
  • These fans are durable


  • You can’t install these in large areas

This is another Remington Solar Attic Fan that is added to our list. From all the aspects, the fans are simple. Like the other fans in this list, they are a cost-efficient pick to help you improve the ventilation in places like your attic, storage shed, workshop, garage, and many more. Appearance-wise, these fans are compact. Plus, they are relatively quiet than a fan of other brands in a similar price range.

As the name suggests, they are solar-powered. So, these solar fans will go easy on your wallet. They are constructed with high-quality steel that is galvanized with a powder-coat finish. Due to this type of protecting layer, these attic fans can withstand any kind of weather. The airflow of these fans is 1,280 CFM. This means it can cover your 1800 square ft. attic comfortably.

The installation of these fans is hassle-free. As soon as you take it out of the box, it is fully operational. You do not need any electrical wiring, a professional, or city permits to have this in your house. With 20-watts of power, it is preferable for small areas. Also, you can get these in two colors i.e., Gray or Black. People who need this for small places are going to love this model.

5. Solar-Powered Attic Fan by ECO-WORTHY


  • These fans are environmental-friendly
  • They offer a stress-free installation
  • You can place them in various spaces
  • They are designed with a sturdy material


  • Due to their design, the airflow is restricted

These are solar-powered attic fans that cool the roofs of your house. With low electric power usage, these fans can noticeably reduce the cooling costs from your expenses. Additionally, they reduce the load on the air conditioning system of your place.

The feature that makes them one of the best solar attic fans is that they have an inbuilt lithium battery that is rechargeable. These solar-powered fans turn on as they come in contact with direct sunlight. When the solar panel absorbs enough light, the fans move 11.6 cubic feet of air per minute. This movement keeps your roof, attic, or any place cool and airy, as it circulates fresh air the whole day.

These solar attic fans have all the equipment you may require such as pre-drilled mounting holes, self-tapping screws. The day you get them from the store you can start using them. They are made up of a strong material that is stainless steel. We all are aware that this material provides longevity to any device. On top of that, it prevents rust from forming on your attic fans.

They are an eco-friendly approach and neutralize the moisture content of our place. they protect our home, by driving out the heat.

6. Solar Attic Fan by Solar Blaster


  • These are budget-friendly solar attic fans
  • You don’t need access to the attic for installation
  • They are made up of strong metal


  • Airflow may be weak for some areas
  • One fan is not enough for a roof above 600 square feet
  • They do not have a thermostat

If there is trapped heat and moisture in any area of your home, it is going to diminish the comfort level of the atmosphere at your home. By reducing the life expectancy of your roof, this problem can cause some serious trouble for you. This model is an excellent ventilation option for your house, garage, garden shed, utility shed, greenhouse, and pet house. These fans have pre-installed galvanized 8″ galvanized metal.

You can attach the 3W solar panel to the top of the vent hood with help of four unique stainless-steel clips and two-ball bearings. On a hot roof, plastic fades and becomes brittle eventually. Unlike the plastic fans of many other brands on the market, these metal fans are manufactured to last for a lifetime.

These fans have airflow of 39CFM. Furthermore, these fans work for a 600 square feet area only. These fans may boost the effectiveness of the passive roof ventilation system of your house. For uniform ventilation, these fans can single-handedly get the job done. Because of condensation on the roof deck, the r-value reduces. The r-value of insulation of your home will not decrease. This is the reason why homes have abundant passive vents or ridge venting.

7. ECO HOUSE Solar Attic Fan


  • You can move them around with ease
  • You get the option to fold them
  • They work superbly at a low voltage
  • These solar attic fans offer uncomplicated installation
  • They can move air in large rooms 


  • You don’t get a guide to help you with the installation

This Eco-Worthy is one of the undeniably best solar attic fans of this industry. These fans have gained positive feedback due to their high efficiency.
These fans are so durable that you can power them on a low voltage. Their brushless motor makes sure that they don’t make an unnecessary sound. They work at low-voltage automatically. Also, you can keep them in areas that are exposed to less sunlight. This is what makes it a great option for regions that don’t get much sunlight in every season like Florida.
The unique aspect of these solar fans that make them stand out in the crowd is their panel that is foldable. The exterior of these fans is sturdy 304 stainless steel. As a bonus, the solar panel is made of polycrystalline. As a consequence, the motor life has a working span of around 10,000 hours.
These fans are exceptionally quiet. This model offers the easiest installation that anyone can find. In the box, you will see a 16-foot solar cable and mountain brackets. Thus, without wasting a second, you can allow proper ventilation for your home even on cloudy days.

8. Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light


  • These fans are made of high-quality material
  • The solar panel of this kit is adjustable
  • You get a 25-year warranty


  • The panels of these fans need a certain amount of sunlight to function

Natural Light is a famous brand in the business. The reason for their popularity is that they make products with the highest-quality materials. Most importantly, their products are affordable for everyone.
Unlike some of the fans, in order to install this at home, you don’t need to learn all the tricks of running wiring.
The kit has everything you may require for installation. This makes the procedure smooth. You don’t have to figure out different tools for the installation of this device.
One drawback of these fans is that there is no Snap-On thermostat. Those who dwell in cold-weather climate regions may need a thermostat. In terms of versatility, the solar panel of this model is brilliant. They provide adjustability to a 45-degree angle.
You have the freedom to install them on a shingle roof. In any case, they have the capability of moving over 1,600 CFM of air. This value is remarkable for any solar panel-powered fan. Although this particular model has a high price tag, the performance is satisfying. Nonetheless, keep in mind that based on the location of your house, you may need a separate thermostat.
You can mount these fans on pitch roofs. Only one fan is able to 2,625 square feet of space. For the contentment of its customers, the company offers a 25-year limited warranty with the entire unit.

9. GBGS Solar Attic Fan


  • They come with an adjustable solar panel with a 90-degree regulation
  • The GBGS fans are available with a guide for mounting and installation


  • The Top plate deters the screwing process

The GBGS solar attic fans are made to live up to the expectation of the consumers. They have a polycrystalline solar panel that you can adjust according to your needs. Simply, you can make four adjustments. For example, you can move it at an angle of 0, 15, 30, or 45 degrees.
The best part of this solar panel is that the noise it produces is as little as 45db. As a plus point, you are getting a limited 20-year warranty on the solar panels of these fans. Aside from that, on the motors, you get a 10-year warranty.

When you opt for these solar attic fans you can have fewer burdens on your shoulders. The motor of these fans doesn’t overheat for a long time. As it is thermally protected, it will not heat up on over-usage. Once the temperature touches 77-degree Fahrenheit, the motor starts to work from that very moment. With the auto shut-off function, the motor operates when the temperature rises to 65-degree Fahrenheit. For installation any type of surface such as slate, tile roofs, and wood shake roofs is acceptable.

You can observe an air deflector in the shroud of these fans. These deflectors enhance the performance of the fans by making the airflow uniform. Not to mention, the motor is waterproof which enables the fans to perform in humid environments.

10. Solar Attic Fan by Solar Blaster


  • They have an innovative Bird-proof design
  • They offer a 25 year-rated solar panel 
  • These fans last for a long time


  • You will not find a thermostat 

These Solar-powered fans are fabulous as they ventilate an attic, shed, garage, etc. They help in removing the hot, moist air relatively faster than a regular passive vent. Along with this, they promote air movement throughout the space in a smooth manner. By having this system in your house, you can minimize the possible growth of any kind of mildew or mold. Those who like in wooden houses may experience rot and pest infestations. This is due to the moisture that the wood absorbs.
Some places in the world are unbearably hot. In situations like this, the closed areas like the attic start to have oven-like temperatures. These fans have the ability to improve the mode of living by keeping their house airy and fresh.
You can install it conveniently. These fans work whenever they are exposed to sunlight. Throughout the day, these fans work as a static vent. When we discuss the size, it is about 8″ in diameter. And, they give coverage of 50.265 sq inch. The manufacture’s claim that these fans may work for 15 years


After you purchase one of these best solar attic fans from the list, you will notice a major difference in your heating and cooling bills. Also, they can save the damage on your rooftop. Other than that, it has been proved that they reduce the carbon footprint around your house.

Yet, these fans are not an answer to all your problems. By this we mean, if you own a house at a location where there is not much direct sunlight, they will not work as successfully. But then again, to some extent, they may reduce your monthly expenses. Likewise, they improve your comfort. Imagine having fresh air around at all times, it will be a natural mood lifter for you.

As mentioned above, when you buy the right solar attic fan, it can give you numerous advantages. With this comprehensive article and thorough information on the best solar attic fans, we tried to give our readers some extra insight into why you must get a purchase an attic fan for your residence.

Amongst these options, you may find a suitable one for your house. Regardless of the fan you purchase, make sure that it contains the options that you may require. Mainly, apart from functionality, the quality of material and a sleek design is what we try to search for in a device. In the long run, this investment will be beneficial for you.

Prior to installing a solar attic fan, it is vital to see how fine that area is sealed off from the rest of your home. Bear in mind that the air can transfer through gaps. So, if the door of that area is draughty, then it may affect the efficiency of the fan.

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